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Writing an Essay For Your College Application

Students nowadays are not that serious in listening to their English courses. Oftentimes, they feel bored about the subject. However, this kind of a course really help us all to know the possible things that mind happen to us in the near future especially with the correct usage of English language, grammars and other related field of our English subject. In fact, we can even apply it in our daily lives and for the future jobs we are going to experience soon.

Though we sometimes feel bored when listening to our English subject, we should still appreciate its value especially when it comes to the world we are facing right now. It has a lot of importance especially when we are filing an application, seek for a job, negotiate with other people with our business or to any kind of profession, go on traveling, with kind of work we shall have or even in submitting reports or presentation.

Therefore, we should pay attention in learning English lessons. An example of a situation that might let you focus on this subject is when you’re going to submit a College application essay.

College application essays are becoming increasingly important for admission into a campus, particularly if you’re a transferring student from another school. Why transfer students? Having spent time at another institution, admission usually expects you to have some well-formed opinions about college in general, along with a clearer idea of what kind of major and career you’re looking to embark on.

A college admission essay is not the same as a job application. As such, refrain from listing your numerous accomplishments like a resume. Instead, make your essay a slice of your life, a snapshot of the kind of student and person that you are.
Avoid gimmicks. Stay away from creative formats. While they can work (if you’re lucky), they are hardly amusing to an employee who’s still in the office past 11PM, reviewing applications.

Be personal. Tell stories that demonstrate who you are, without being sentimental or romantic. Ones about personal accomplishments, challenges you’ve overcome or failures you’ve risen from usually work best.

Stay honest. Faced with a blank paper, it’s very tempting to embellish facts and events. Hold yourself back from doing so. Anything you write should be verifiable. Fantastic tales that no one can confirm will only arouse suspicion as to your sincerity.

Use a regular essay format. I always advice students to use a basic essay format for applications. A standard five paragraph essay should suffice, beginning with an introduction and ending with a proper conclusion. The thesis, of course, is you and why you should get in.

Check out yourself if you are not yet capable of handling this task, then, you must start studying from now on. You need to practice more in English language, speaking and writing and identifying grammatical errors if possible.

A college application essay isn’t that hard. If you stay grounded, write sensibly and use a good grammar checker, you should be fine. Show them the best parts of yourself and nail it.
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