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The Three Characteristics Of Literary Essay

Literature essays can be very easy for some people while difficult for the others because not everyone has an interest in the literature but the tragedy is that everybody has to do to assignment. Literature essays require a deep analysis and research work from the side of the writer and the analysis can be of any kind of literature, from poem to classic novels to autobiographies.

Writing a literary essay sometimes becomes so tiresome when students have to read the whole novel and understand the basic concepts of it but this has to be done if you want to write a good literature essay. However, we can help you write literature essay by describing three s element used in it.

1- Sub-text
2- Style
3- Structure

Sub-text in writing literary essays:

The main role of the sub-text is to determine the plot or theme of the story; it is a common practice that students write the whole summary in the sub-text of the literature essays that is totally wrong. In order to get the plot of the story, you will have to read the novel, understand the main concept and find the main theme of the play, if you are still not able to find out then you must read the central idea of the novel or poem.

Style in writing literary essay:

Although, there is no standard style for writing literature essays but it is advisable that you first ask your teacher what kind of style she would recommend for writing. It is also recommended that you prefer your personal style which every write posses. For example; some people have a habit of criticizing the author’s point of view while some analyze it in deep, it’s up to you which style would you prefer.

Structure for literary essay:

Structure is created before finally writing the literature essays, this is basically an outline that will consists of all the major points that will be discussed in detail in literature essays. The usually structure of an essay consist of an introduction, body and conclusion. Again, I would suggest consulting your teacher for the structure of literature essay because different colleges and universities have different writing standards and if you won’t act according to it then you won’t be able to get good grades in your essay exams. Let’s see what should be the basic structure of a literature essay:


1- Restatement of the topic along with a response
2- Title and author of the literature
3- Points that will be discussed in the essay


1- Discuss at least three points
2- Develop three arguments to support those points
3- If there are three major points then you should discuss them in three different paragraphs.


1- Sum up the essay
2- Not include any new point
3- Restate the thesis statement
4- Keep it short

Hence, if you will follow the above told three S elements for writing literature essay then you will be getting extraordinary good grades in essay exams.
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