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Step by Step Guide for Writing College Essays

No matter how creative you think you are, it is very unlikely that your college application essay will be completely original, especially to the people who are paid to read them. But even if you can’t leave your reader in awe of your genius, you should strive for an emotional reaction, a laugh, a cringe, a feeling of triumph. Writing a stellar essay, for all your inspiration, is something that is going to take a lot of work. Read on for essay help for the aspiring college student.

Telling someone you are tenacious is not the same as telling them that you have run a marathon in under three hours, or that you got a perfect grade point average, or you began to vomit during your SAT test and yet still stayed to complete it. There is a difference between abstraction and example, and the power of the latter is something you must harness if you want to create an emotionally engaging essay. Try to think about how you can skirt cliche. A lot of students will probably write about activities and achievements similar or even identical to yours. How will you distinguish yourself? Telling someone you care about the environment is not the same as telling them about how many pounds of paper products your recycling club recycled each week.

Many students write about challenges that inspired them in some way to become better people, but remember that a single event or characteristic isn’t usually enough to tell the whole story. A good GPA on its own is commendable, but a good GPA in light of your personal struggles – the death of a parent, a difficult illness, a cross-country relocation – not only gives the reader more information about you, but more context as to your achievements.

You are far more likely to write a vivid and engaging essay if you are writing about something that you actually care about. Writing an essay is hard enough; faking interest in your subject matter just makes it worse. If you can’t summon the interest about your sport or hobby, achievement or experience, how can you expect your reader to do the same? Expecting to be the best at everything you love is not only unreasonable, but limiting. Perhaps you are better at English than you are at math, but love calculus: do you think writing an essay about your good grade is going to be more impressive than an essay about your dedication to derivatives?
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