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Scholarship Essay

Education is the stepping stone to future progress of individuals and society in general. It is the key to unlocking the potential for anyone to succeed in life for anyone to succeed in life. Through education, we get the opportunity to learn and acquire skill and knowledge that will enable us to be productive people in various sectors of our economies. By getting the best education, we get the chance to contribute to both personal and national development.

I hereby apply for this scholarship in order for it to enable me to get the opportunity to learn this course and achieve my main objective which is becoming the first graduate in my family. I come from a family that does not have a solid educational background. The person with the highest level of education managed to complete high school. I am therefore the most learned person there and I want to be the role model and inspiration to the rest of the family members I value education because I believe that it can change our bad perceptions of life, help us to do away with cultural beliefs that do not assist us improve our lives and change the people’s perception to value new ways of life that are of benefit to them. I wish to set the best example to my two daughters so that they may grow knowing the importance of education in making their lives better

I am a 28 year old single mother with two daughters and currently am pursuing my Bachelor of Arts degree in criminology. I am trying as much as I can to get the better education for myself and my two daughters so as to see than live a better life in future. As I progress with my education to the highest level possible, I am trying to inspire my two daughters to meet their set life goals. Am trying to show them how we can change our status of living into a brighter one by getting the best out of school and being able to fill important vacancies that will pay us well and make us self reliant.

I hope to work hard and graduate with excellent scores to enable me to further my studies and establish my understanding in criminology. I am a highly motivated person who believes in success and high achievements due to my positive power of success. I hope that I will be accorded the opportunity to achieve my lifetime desires. I will focus all my energies towards success in my studies.

I have discovered that all graduates from this university have excelled in their various fields. The business trend is currently leaning towards the field of criminology where numerous vacancies are available. This will be the ideal base for me to lay my career foundation. With all these reasons, I hope that you will consider my application in so that I may realize my dreams.

All degree programs are very demanding and need a lot of commitment in order to succeed. It is with this in mind that I wish to state that I am now mature enough and capable of handling the pressure and tight deadlines that are associated with this degree. Being my desired course, I believe that my zeal and determination to master in it will be the driving force behind my success in the institution. My future aspiration is to venture into management of business setups that stand out to be success stories.
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