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Reflective Essays, Introduction and Writing Strategy

When you look into the mirror, you see yourself staring at you. Writing reflective essays is exactly like to looking into the mirror. Reflective essays are usually written on completion of a milestone like if a scientist successfully conducts an experiment or a student is required to state his experienced at the end of a course or a class. These essays are quite different from informative ones, informative essay relates to some facts but relective essay is like an evaluation. It is a record of your feelings, findings, and expressions from the very beginning of your experience till the end. The goal of this essay is to express and weave togather the reflections in a manner that convey a new thought to the reader.

Writing stretagy would be the same like introduction, body and conclusion. This special essay requires a great amount of planning and perfect structure. Before initiating the process, you have to create a mind map on seperate sheet. It is an efficient method to come up with structured perceptions and thoughts, you only have to derive main idea or central theme on which you want to state your feelings and expressions.

It may be anything like your own experiences, some facts or any world event. Write the key theme in the middle of the sheet and draw lines around it, after brainstorming try to connect your own expressions or ideas with these lines emerging out of the main theme. You have to decide which personal experience you want to disclose in your essay. The main three broad categories that have mentioned before for each idea of, experience, facts or any world event, you can map out your thoughts and reactions.

Now, its time to initiate first part of your essay that is introductory paragraph, opening paragraph must be strong and attention grabbing that could hook up readers the moment they read the first line. Introduction should deal as a seperate paper but with highly precise approach. You have to include every important aspect into the introduction paragraph you are going to discuss in the body.

Opening para should clearly depict the whole picture of your idea or you can say, as reflective essays must reflect the essence and impression of the idea behind it. If you mention your thesis staement within the ending lines of first part of the essay then there is not any need to seperately mention thesis statement. This action is better than to state a single line and discuss it throughout the essay.

The credibility of your essay entirely depends upon your voice you establish as an author but also on actuality of the facts you recount. Mind mapping that you did at the start of the procedure will work at every phase, select your strongest experience from that map and group them into paragraphs. Arrangement of these paragraphs should be in a logical manner, focusing on the orderly evolution of your thoughts. For example if you are writing about grief then you have to devote a paragraph to deal with reactions to death precede one that covers handling mechanisms.

Essay must include some specific personal experiences; this should be brief and make sure they are unique and concrete. Write you memories, illustrate and present them with great enthusiasim and respect. Try to widen your point into a universal truth. Conclusion part should clearly reflect the realization you have learn through the experience and its reconciliation with outside world. The most essential factor that has to be considered in reflective essay writing is writer’s opinion and conclusion must directly relate to the experiences and ideas stated and discussed in the essay body.
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