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Learn APA format for Writing Academic Essays

APA (the American Psychological Association) is one of the most adapted writing formats in writing academic essays, particularly in the field of science. With time, the APA writing style has evolved and several changes have been adopted to make it more effective in this electronic information age. Here we give you proficient information about formatting an essay in APA style by using some simple points.

Guidelines to format writing academic essays

* Font type and size:

Font type should be 12pt and Times Roman should be used as font type.

* Margin:

In previous requirements, the required measurements for margins was 11/2 inch now. But now the margin requirements on all sides (top, bottom, left, right) should be 1 inch.

* Spacing:

You should maintain double spacing throughout your document, including footnotes, appendices, tables and figures.

* Active voice:

Traditionally, APA writing form requires you write in impersonal tone along with excluding pronouns like ‚I‘ and ‚We‘ in writing. But now the criteria has changed. Now most disciplines require content written in active voices.

For an example, instead of writing, ‚according to the study‘ you can write ‚according to our study‘. Hence, the paper will be as active as possible.

* Text Alignment and Indentation:

The text of the assignment should be aligned left.

Essay paper should include a title page, with these items:

* A page number, aligned right on the page

* Full title of your essay, aligned centered

* The name of the college affiliation, double spaced centered below the title


All pages including the title page, abstract, and references pages, should be numbered in the upper right corner. In case your instructors ask you to omit the title page, then your name, the class, the name of the instructor and the date should be placed left-hand side of the first page of the paper on double spaced lines. Center your title and begin your essay writing after that. Follow these further tips for writing an essay.


Text citations and references:

As you know, text citations are important to avoid the issues of plagiarism. The main idea behind it is to acknowledge ideas and words of other should be formally acknowledged.

* Reference list:

After citing your sources in the body, in reference section, you list all the sources you have previously, cited in the body paragraphs. It should state the author(s) of the source, the material year of publication, the name of title of the material. Instead of wasting your time on writing ‚help me with my essay‘, you can follow these suggestions.

* Appendices:

Here you present the unpublished tests, or other descriptions, of complex equipments or materials.

* Tables and figures:

Tables reflect quantitative data or statistical results or analyses, like population, age, frequency etc. On the hand, figures are presented in different forms. It could be the use of graphs, images, or other illustrations. Figures are used when you have to present a particular trend, or to compare results of experiments, with respect of to consent and changing variables.

* Footnotes:

Footnotes are occasionally to support substantial information in your text. Footnotes are placed at the end of each relevant page and numbered as they are identified in the text.
You will definitely find these guidelines useful while writing APA format. But it is also advisable that you consult your advisor before writing an essay based on APA writing format.
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