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Know How to Make Your Essays Longer

Already repeated the same idea three or four times in your writing? Running out of ideas on how to make your essay looks longer? We have saved a little trick for you. Read this article to know the best ways to make your essay appear longer instead of using loads of adjectives and describing words like really, very, extremely. Here is the trick.

How to make your essays longer

Here, we provide you the tips for making your essay actually longer and not making it appear longer.

1. First, dump the ‚easy‘ tricks and concentrate on serious topics:

Changing the font, margins and spacing would be a wrong choice for you if you want to make your essay LOOK longer. But you need to understand that your tutors know these tricks better than you. So don’t choose these tons of sneaky ways to make your paper look longer. You surely want to make your essay longer, not worse. So skip these stuff and mover forward to serious business.

2. Add premium quotes to support your examples:

If you have written a good essay paper, you surely have supported your ideas with relevant examples. To make your paper even longer, make sure you have one quotation from literature to support your examples. On the top of it, be careful with your citations and references. Do not forget to cite its sources. If you want assistance in essay citations, you can contact essay writing service companies who will help you with essay writing A to Z.

3. Additional example to support each argument and idea:

If you are not willing to add more quotations, add more examples. This will create great impact on your readers. They will relate to your ideas even more.

4. Make sure each paragraph has introduction, body and conclusion:

Revise your essay paragraphs and see whether your essay has head, body and tail. A topic sentence that tells your readers what is the paragraph is all about, supporting evidence that support your certain idea and lastly a concluding/transition sentence that sums up what you have written and gives hint what is coming next. The process would be lot easier if you hire essay help companies for expert assistance.

5. Think answers of your essay questions that you might miss:

We always try to make our argument based on all positive responses. But what about those negative opinions that disagree with you. What would be your reaction in response to those? Not always positive opinions make your argument better, negative opinions also play an integral part. So include those negative opinions and response against it. It is a great way to make sure that you have covered all bases, also great to add more length to the text.

6. Reconfirm that you have strong introduction, conclusion and thesis:

Students make a common mistake focusing more on body and writing introduction and conclusion of average quality. But you need to make sure that you have great intro because this is the place where most the reader lose their interest if it is not written well. So make a solid foundation by adding few sentences in the introduction part and justify all your points writing a great conclusion. This will give your writers the feeling of satisfaction that they have utilized their time wisely.

So you learnt without implementing any sneaky method, you can actually make your essay longer with ease. So take some time and follow these suggestions to build a great quality essay.
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