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Everyday Challenges Faced By An Essay Writer

Writing is always fun, it’s the best way to express your thoughts and convey it to others. For professional writers, it’s the most important task of the day, and they enjoy doing it. But, there are times, when even they face challenges while writing down.

Most of the writers face challenges when they have to put down their long-winded and disorganized thoughts on paper every other day. These challenges encourage them to write better and win over their struggle. Below is the list of some common challenges faced by writers around the world.


The very first challenge which has to be overcome, is the organization of the content. The essay should follow the proper structure, for example, a five para essay should have an introduction, three body paragraphs and a conclusion. The number of body paragraphs is increased according to the demand of the write up. The essay is to be composed in a way that it sounds logical and is easy to understand.

Style Statement

It’s a tough job to set your own style of writing. The most famous writers have a particular style of writing, which can be easily recognized by their readers. Setting a writing style which is unique and appealing is an everyday dare for the writers. Style is the way in which writers express themselves, and it includes choice of words, diction, sentence structuring and tone of the write up.

Strong Arguments
Convincing the readers requires a solid, hard to refute argument which can be done only if you have taken enough pains to do the research work properly. To convince the readers and change their perspective, it’s important for the writers themselves to first understand the concepts and then bring in relevant arguments, facts and figures to support their writing.

Read On

It is very important for all the writers out there to have very strong reading habits. Writers have to be very thorough with the reading practice to make sure that they are reading enough and reading correct to include the best references in their write ups. Reading efficiently before starting off with the essay also makes the writer familiar with the literature surrounding the topic.

Mood Swings

Mood swings are common with everyone, even writers face this problem. There are times when there is a good flow of thoughts, and writers know that it’s the best time to jot down an essay, but there can be situations when writers can’t even think of a single word to start with. This may happen due to a lot of stress or burden, taking rest and relaxing before starting a fresh write up should be done to overcome this challenge.

My Readers

A writer is known by the number of readers and fan following it has. Having a huge group of audience is a major challenge for all the writers. They are always in the process of increasing their followers.

Time Matters

Time and tide wait for none! For writers managing time is a big threat. They need to set aside dedicated time to work on their essay. They need to allow enough time to conduct research if needed, to write a rough draft, to revise and to revise again if need be. Time management is the key to such problems.

Fear to Fail

As there is a lot of competition in the writing world, writers always have the fear of failing. They might lose upon confidence and feel disappointed. Writers may develop insecurities regarding their writing abilities.

Idea stuck

Sometimes there are situations when the writer knows that he/she can write an essay on the respective topics, but when he/she sits to write down his/her thoughts, there are no ideas coming into the mind. This happens to mostly to all the writers. To overcome this situation, one can do a lot of reading to get new ideas, observe the surroundings, have group discussions, go to new places to open up the mind and bring in new thoughts.

Getting the real work
There are writers who are highly skilled and capable of writing brilliant essays on any topic, for them are writing an essay is not a challenge, but finding the correct clients is a tough job. Clients who can recognize their work and pay them a handsome amount. To find the right client it is important for writers provide services which are different and more attracting from others.
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