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Essay on How Science is Improving Our Understanding of Nature

How Science is Improving Our Understanding of Nature?

For the last thousand years eminent scientists have been occupied in investigating which certainly did enhance our perceptions about the universe and the other hidden phenomena’s working to support it. The principle of science is to make viable, impartial interpretations for producing explanations on the basis of precise annotations. The fact is a general theory is not enough to define anything but it sets up a trend on which direction to head. And the outcome gives us a more believable analysis of the procedure.

The scientists also try to hunt for the maximum explanations about the functioning of the world and universe. Just by using scientific machines, brainpower, devised theories, they now comprehend the universe more evidently. As illustrated the law of gravity defined by Newton and movement are usable in the universe even if we can not travel in those places. Then the usual theories can also be used to define seismic activity, ocean movement, bird displacing from one place to another and gale winds. These scientist gather evidence records readings use extra high tech gadgets to mark their explanations and create theories and the resultant is a better understanding of the environment.

The scientists also try to investigate in what way people developed. They research many things such as old fossils, bones, antediluvian human animals, monkeys, flying and land dinosaurs have made steady progress in these Ares. But notable and word famous scientists for instance dry Stephen hawking, albert Einstein and Newton, Johannes keeper all have complied statistics and played a part in devising these theories which gives us a better know how of the environment around us.

The science had also renovated the happening in the past of the planet and its existent shapes have given way to greater advance and hindsight in how natural world operates. For example the outline of ocean beds, aftereffects of lava, the silhouette of continents, seismic activity and different places have given different relics reminding us of the past. And thus we come to the conclusion that how the continents have moved with the animals and humans with and are where they are today. Then ice age gives us more viable explanations of the creatures that experienced changes in themselves. Now we are more aware of the negative consequence of GLOBAL WARMING and it is better to see the past behind and our future with it. By investigating these happening we are in a better position to administer our own ways and rectify them.

As we all know that science presents neutral theories, precise calculations, so there is uniform expansion in theories and machines being made along with it and made astonishing equipment’s like the HUBBLE TELESCOPE has pave a smooth way for clarifying the mysteries around galaxies, space and time, stars, supernovas, spiral galaxies, are being researched through enhanced computer simulation and supercomputers are being used to find more out. So now the past is also clear to us as well as the future and pros and cons along with it.
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