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Comparison Essay on Creation and Evolution

If we talk about Darwin’s evolution theory, we would know that whatever we are told is not proof enough for anything. Same is the case with creation and evolution when compared with each other as the fossil evidence out rightly opposes evolution.

The majority of us have learn that the evolution theory of Darwin is supported by fossil evidence whereas the truth exactly the contrary. As a matter of fact, evidence states a totally different theory in the comparison between creation and evolution.

So what is the reason for this?

Education tells us that the course of evolution has been defined by fossil record. Fossils required to confirm the theory of evolution are known as which describe a course of evolution among different types of fossils for that matter. So if for example cows had evolved form whales, we are bound to find various medial fossils all over the world.

We cannot have a single proof that evolution actually occurred until we happen to discover lots and lots of such fossils around the planet.

Now that does not support advocates of evolution at all in the comparison between creation and evolution.

Till date no one has ever discovered a which is quite a blow for the supporters of evolution. Even a single case revealing the discovery of such fossils has not been recorded in the past century and a half. Some scientists and researchers have although tried to use the evolution of whales but there are many technical issues involved. All the old fossils previously considered to be fossils are merely fossils of animal that no longer exist.

The archeopteryx which is a prehistoric bird having claws on the wings is a further example negating the evolution theory. A vast number of evolutionists thought of it as an intermediary shape in between birds and reptiles. Some time later, it was found that this animal was discovered in a place with signs that birds have been living there since quite a while. Finally, it was found that the was only another kind of bird species that faded away in time.

We do not have any medial fossils to support or prove the theory of evolution at this time. However, there is continuous debate in contradiction. The proof in support of evolution in this comparison between creation and evolution is just not there. All those in favor of evolution will have to do without it even tough if the story is reverse in our text books.

The notion that fossils needed to be discovered to support it if at all Darwin’s theory was correct, was accepted by the man himself. Darwin was actually aware of the fact that there was not a single material evidence to support his evolution theory, or at least as yet. This was because he was sure to find something in the time to come. Despite Darwin’s confidence, we haven’t found any medial fossils to prove his theory of evolution.

The supporters of creationism on the other hand, have regularly indicated that fossil evidence displays some kind of animals having a notable interruption in continuity between their kinds. They are correct, fossil evidence has revealed the same story time after time.

Unfortunately, fossil evidence does not do any good for the supporters of the evolution theory of Charles Darwin. All the available proof conversely backs the supporters of creationism as far as fossil records are concerned. And unless relevant fossil evidence is found, creationism has the balance of proof in the comparison between creation and evolution.
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