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College Essays: How to Make an Argumentative Essay

It must be done and my point is valid“ this is where the Argumentative Essay starts. So what is an Argumentative Essay? First thing first, it’s included in College Essays; in other words Academic Essays and word limit is usually between 2000 and 5000. This type of college essay addresses more controversial issues, issues that already have followers and opposition. In this college essay writing, the writer in light of the disagreement, argues to clarify the fact that why is this issue, favorable or against.

This college essay cannot just be started „As this is wrong I win“ and then dot. College Essays are no child play and writing it down requires a lot of hard work especially when it will create a debate. In this essay writing there is no ought, or should, there is just „Must“.

Argumentative Essays require a certain format that every college essay follows, there is the introduction, supporting paragraph, contradicting paragraph and then conclusion with more supporting statements. The point of this college essay is to not to persuade, but to convince them surely that why this argument is right.

Picking a topic for an Argumentative Essay should be such that it can actually be argued on, and it should be clear. Picking a general topic like „Alcohol should be banned“ isn’t supporting the argument at all because Alcohol has certain uses in medicine; „Alcohol should be banned from the black market“ this type of topic is more focused. Another thing factor that should be mentioned here is that when giving arguments against the topic, give them in full detail because if weak arguments are given that will make your college essay disqualified and of poor merit. Following are some example to make this college essay writing format even more clarified:

1) Admissions must not be based on Merits.
2) Cheating is beneficial for students
3) Usage of Mobile Phones must be banned in Schools
4) Colored Dressing should be allowed in schools
5) Animal Experimentation should be legalized
6) Smoking should be banned
7) Beauty Pageants should be banned
8) Homework, making or breaking of Child’s mentality?
9) Marriage of girls before 16 should be made illegal
10) Religion is not the cause of Terrorism

There are three ways to start the argumentative essay and they are explained in the following:

Method A:
Introduction: Explanation of the topic
Cons of the topic + Giving Objections to the Con
Pros + Optimistic points of the topic

Method B:
Pros and optimistic points
Cons and objections against the Cons

Method C:
Explaining the Cons then giving objections to it onward.

You can give references, examples, illustration data, statements and comments from experts and other research material as well. When arguing against the Con, specify that why this disagreement is weak, only then will you be able to make your college essay acceptable and strong enough. It’s like trying to prove that A is not equal B.

With all that the conclusion must be also be supported with strong comments. Be prepared for any strike so make complete research that what can be thrown at you.
So are you ready?
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