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Be Response-able For Your Response Essay

You see something attractive or mind blowing like an action movie and what is your response „Awesomeness“ but when it’s a college essay your response, not so much. Writing down this type of essay cannot be considered in the difficulty category. It’s only difficult when you think it is, so fix your perception about taking everything as impossible, even the mission impossible in the end became possible so let’s get this show on the road James Bond.

College Essay is all about analysis, critical thinking, decision making and creating priorities about between the worst, better and best. Sometimes these college essays can be on opinion making. Response essay is such writing where you have to response to a certain topic given to you, whether it’s a text, book, article, thesis etc, but you have to be careful about giving your response, for example you have to give your opinion on Shakespeare’s Hamlet and your response is „He is weak willed and pathetic“ and full stop. Your teacher will definitely give you an F and a full stop.

Writing a college essay demands standards and certain formalities from its students like citations, and a road map like what is your starting point and where you will end and how will you end it.

The first paragraph is all about introductions about the author and his works, then you come on the assigned topic and explain its story, theme, technicalities, etc in a short paragraph of at least 5 sentences, no longer than that. After summarizing the entire orientation you then move to the body.

The body is then about the pointers you have picked out of your topic, if it’s a novel, then you discuss what kind of language the author has used like there are formal, informal etc, find out similes, metaphor and why is the author is relating that thing with another, give a critical evaluation of the author’s thinking. If it’s some thesis then you have to explain by making the thesis the subject of the topic „for example „According to the thesis“.

You can explain and relay that why has the author used such an expression and whether it’s linked with the author’s past, like Leo Tolstoy wrote novels in criticism of the aristocrats and their authoritarian way of oppression because he saw the cruelty embedded on the poor class by the Tsars and the nobles.

It is in this part of the college essay where you add citations out of the work given to you, which is called as quoting. Remember to make a rough draft before you start the finale, it will make your work even easier. You start with point 1, make a citation, give your opinion and link it with the quote that how you are against it or in favor of it, then you move on to pointer 2.

The conclusion is all about recapping, and summarizing the big heavy details in to the smaller and easy to comprehend pointer in to the fingertips of the reader. Don’t forget to make your conclusion supportive with some proof from the work itself and proof read it before submitting it.
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