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5 Easy Steps in Writing Persuasive Essay

While a person may have the best ideas and an unwavering string of evidences to back them up, the dilemma lies on how he will be able to express it – in writing. For not every person is born a Shakespeare, we can’t always elicit the exact essence of our arguments. Due to the lack of organization of ideas and deficient writing skills, what we write is not always what we mean.

What your reader can understand depends only on what you have to offer. A persuasive essay is successful if, and only, it has done one thing; that is to convince people and make them believe that the essay tells what is right. To be able to do this, here are five simple ways to keep in mind.

1. Know your topic. Research. Of course, you cannot write anything about something you barely know, right? So before starting an essay, always bear in mind to gather enough information. This includes the background of the topic, statistics, and even your counterparts‘ arguments. Yes, be sure that you are fully aware of everything that has got to do with your topic.

2. Open with a bang. A good introduction is what keeps the readers on going through the rest of the paper. With a lousy introduction, the readers may well stop reading after the first paragraph.

3. Make a stand. After you have gathered enough information, you have to choose a unitary point of view and firmly stick with it. Never stray out of your point to avoid confusion among the readers.

4. Support your notion. With the information you have gathered, select the best arguments which reinforces your point. This is considered as the backbone of the paper. Without it, an essay is lame. Since this is a persuasive essay, you do not have to identify and disprove the opposing views by presenting „holes“ in those arguments. For example, if you are arguing in favor of capital punishment, tell your readers what are its benefits to the victim and to the society. Tell the readers about its impact in reducing crimes.

5. End sharp. Make sure to end with a firm conclusion and put it in a lingering statement; never to be forgotten.
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