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12 Words Australian Students Should Avoid in Writing Essay Papers

When you read articles on how to prefect your structure, paragraphs and research methods, you mostly forget a very important aspect of writing essay papers. That is how to write something. If you use common or feeble words in your writing, your story would sound flat and uninteresting to your readers. So after you take care of your structure, outline, research and citations, do your writing a favor and replace these 12 feeble words with something more pleasant.

1. Good
This adjective can describe anything, that’s what makes it so vague. If you want to point out something good, be more precise and use words like ‚exceptional‘, ‚outstanding‘ or ‚magnificent‘.

2. New
This adjective also have no capacity to leave a mark on readers‘ mind. So you can dish out words like, ‚latest‘ and ‚recent‘ instead of using ’new‘.

3. Long
Long is also considered as a cliché word. It does not help the readers to sketch a picture in their head by reading. So tell your readers how long it is by using words like, ‚extended‘, ‚endless‘ or ‚lingering‘.

4. Right
Right is one of those words that are unable to leave any impression on readers. So give your readers more precise experience. If somebody is right, you could easily say, ‚precise‘ or ‚exact‘.

5. Different
This is another adjective that miss to strike the readers‘ attention. Use words like ’striking‘ or ‚exotic‘ to define things more accurately in front of your readers.

6. Small
Small is another vast word that falls bit flat on readers‘ mind. Use ‚microscopic‘ or ‚miniature‘ or even ‚tiny‘ so that your readers can understand how small it is. Even using ‚cramped‘ and ‚compact‘ is more descriptive words than small.

7. Large
Well, when you have to define the length of a thing you are describing, we often say ‚large‘. But you could easily choose ‚immense‘ or ’substantial‘ or even ‚massive‘ to direct yours in more prominent direction.

8. Things
‚Things‘ is another feeble word that leaves no impact on readers. Try replacing the word with ‚belongings‘ or ‚tools‘ or even ‚property‘ in your writing.

9. Feel
Feel is also enlisted in the list of worn out words. You could use ’sense‘ or ‚discern‘ instead and let your readers experience what you are trying to convey through your writing. For example, try using ‚I am famished‘ instead of ‚I am hungry‘.

10. Seem
If you are proud to see how well you have constructed your sentence around ’seem‘, unfortunately it will not create the effect you are expecting. So try to switch the word with more precise phrase like ’shows signs of‘ or ‚come across as‘.

11. Almost
The word ‚almost‘ is a failed try to engage your readers. Your writing would be more interesting if you say ‚practically‘ or ’nearly‘ instead.

12. Just
If you truly want to get the readers‘ attention ‚just‘ won’t help you in that case. You need to be much better that than. Try using the words like ’narrowly‘ or ’simply‘ or even ‚hardly‘.

You can elegantly enhance the quality of your writing only by omitting these commonly used words. But there are a lot of things that you need to balance while writing an essay piece. The wiser option you could choose is to take help from essay paper help from a top essay writing company.
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