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College Research Essay, Search For What?

It’s that time of the year, the teacher is waving an assignment sheet in her hand, the atmosphere outside of your class is getting darker and darker and you can barely breathe when the teacher says „You have to write research essay…“ and you blind out. Yes it’s the research essay work, where you forget your weeks sleep and go in to a huge map-less trek of the unknown. It’s a mind blowing work and you end up in the 9-5 work life, with only a coffee break as your food substitute.

I won’t say that writing this type of college essay is going to be easy, but you can make it less difficult for yourself if you remember the first rule; working early will save you from being the last. If the teacher gives you the college essay topic, then you can ask your teacher’s help, many students don’t go for guidance regarding the topic and end up very confused by the end of the week. It’s your first priority that you must better understand and comprehend the topic. If the teacher is not helpful then ask any senior for help or contact another teacher. If you have the option to choose a topic for yourself, then you can pick an approved thesis and apply in different circumstances, like the past EU trade with the South American trade and show the results. It will give a head start and plenty of fuel for your college essay as that thesis would require only a little research and brainstorming.

The very first A of your college essay is getting the 4W and an H (What, where, who, why and how). The point of confusion starts here where the students get all the information about the topic but none of the answers that is required in your college essay. For example, how terrorism has affected the stock market, why it has, and what are its statistics; or does it require the past data.

The very first thing you need to do is, (must I say it) research. Yes it’s a very T2 thing (tedious and tiring) but you have to do it. So anyway let’s begin our quest.

After the RBD, researching, brainstorming and drafting up your college essay you get to the final stage. Whether it’s a persuasive, narrative, expository essay etc, your method will still be the same.

The introduction is all about the background of the topic and you will explain in the first paragraph what you intend to explain, that will give your reader a kick start and will be able to comprehend the topic.

After the introduction come up to the main body paragraph where you use the format of writing a college essay, the citations, excerpts, quotes, etc. Remember the 3C’s, Clarification, Continuation and Connectivity. All of your hard work will go to waste of you add A and connect it later to D. Make a statement, add a citation, then move to the next point, add a citation and so it goes on.

In the conclusion, you end it with an excerpt from a work, or give proved facts to make your college essay strong.
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College Essays: How to Make an Argumentative Essay

It must be done and my point is valid“ this is where the Argumentative Essay starts. So what is an Argumentative Essay? First thing first, it’s included in College Essays; in other words Academic Essays and word limit is usually between 2000 and 5000. This type of college essay addresses more controversial issues, issues that already have followers and opposition. In this college essay writing, the writer in light of the disagreement, argues to clarify the fact that why is this issue, favorable or against.

This college essay cannot just be started „As this is wrong I win“ and then dot. College Essays are no child play and writing it down requires a lot of hard work especially when it will create a debate. In this essay writing there is no ought, or should, there is just „Must“.

Argumentative Essays require a certain format that every college essay follows, there is the introduction, supporting paragraph, contradicting paragraph and then conclusion with more supporting statements. The point of this college essay is to not to persuade, but to convince them surely that why this argument is right.

Picking a topic for an Argumentative Essay should be such that it can actually be argued on, and it should be clear. Picking a general topic like „Alcohol should be banned“ isn’t supporting the argument at all because Alcohol has certain uses in medicine; „Alcohol should be banned from the black market“ this type of topic is more focused. Another thing factor that should be mentioned here is that when giving arguments against the topic, give them in full detail because if weak arguments are given that will make your college essay disqualified and of poor merit. Following are some example to make this college essay writing format even more clarified:

1) Admissions must not be based on Merits.
2) Cheating is beneficial for students
3) Usage of Mobile Phones must be banned in Schools
4) Colored Dressing should be allowed in schools
5) Animal Experimentation should be legalized
6) Smoking should be banned
7) Beauty Pageants should be banned
8) Homework, making or breaking of Child’s mentality?
9) Marriage of girls before 16 should be made illegal
10) Religion is not the cause of Terrorism

There are three ways to start the argumentative essay and they are explained in the following:

Method A:
Introduction: Explanation of the topic
Cons of the topic + Giving Objections to the Con
Pros + Optimistic points of the topic

Method B:
Pros and optimistic points
Cons and objections against the Cons

Method C:
Explaining the Cons then giving objections to it onward.

You can give references, examples, illustration data, statements and comments from experts and other research material as well. When arguing against the Con, specify that why this disagreement is weak, only then will you be able to make your college essay acceptable and strong enough. It’s like trying to prove that A is not equal B.

With all that the conclusion must be also be supported with strong comments. Be prepared for any strike so make complete research that what can be thrown at you.
So are you ready?
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Learn APA format for Writing Academic Essays

APA (the American Psychological Association) is one of the most adapted writing formats in writing academic essays, particularly in the field of science. With time, the APA writing style has evolved and several changes have been adopted to make it more effective in this electronic information age. Here we give you proficient information about formatting an essay in APA style by using some simple points.

Guidelines to format writing academic essays

* Font type and size:

Font type should be 12pt and Times Roman should be used as font type.

* Margin:

In previous requirements, the required measurements for margins was 11/2 inch now. But now the margin requirements on all sides (top, bottom, left, right) should be 1 inch.

* Spacing:

You should maintain double spacing throughout your document, including footnotes, appendices, tables and figures.

* Active voice:

Traditionally, APA writing form requires you write in impersonal tone along with excluding pronouns like ‚I‘ and ‚We‘ in writing. But now the criteria has changed. Now most disciplines require content written in active voices.

For an example, instead of writing, ‚according to the study‘ you can write ‚according to our study‘. Hence, the paper will be as active as possible.

* Text Alignment and Indentation:

The text of the assignment should be aligned left.

Essay paper should include a title page, with these items:

* A page number, aligned right on the page

* Full title of your essay, aligned centered

* The name of the college affiliation, double spaced centered below the title


All pages including the title page, abstract, and references pages, should be numbered in the upper right corner. In case your instructors ask you to omit the title page, then your name, the class, the name of the instructor and the date should be placed left-hand side of the first page of the paper on double spaced lines. Center your title and begin your essay writing after that. Follow these further tips for writing an essay.


Text citations and references:

As you know, text citations are important to avoid the issues of plagiarism. The main idea behind it is to acknowledge ideas and words of other should be formally acknowledged.

* Reference list:

After citing your sources in the body, in reference section, you list all the sources you have previously, cited in the body paragraphs. It should state the author(s) of the source, the material year of publication, the name of title of the material. Instead of wasting your time on writing ‚help me with my essay‘, you can follow these suggestions.

* Appendices:

Here you present the unpublished tests, or other descriptions, of complex equipments or materials.

* Tables and figures:

Tables reflect quantitative data or statistical results or analyses, like population, age, frequency etc. On the hand, figures are presented in different forms. It could be the use of graphs, images, or other illustrations. Figures are used when you have to present a particular trend, or to compare results of experiments, with respect of to consent and changing variables.

* Footnotes:

Footnotes are occasionally to support substantial information in your text. Footnotes are placed at the end of each relevant page and numbered as they are identified in the text.
You will definitely find these guidelines useful while writing APA format. But it is also advisable that you consult your advisor before writing an essay based on APA writing format.
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Writing a Winning Scholarship Essay

You have your letters of recommendation, scholarship resume, and have carefully filled out the scholarship application. All you need to do now is write the winning essay. What can you write about that will get the attention of the scholarship judges? Where do you start? What is the secret to writing an essay that will help you win the scholarship money?

The first thing you need to do is understand that the point of a scholarship essay is for the judges to get to know YOU. They want to know more than your name, date of birth, GPA, standardized test score, etc… The essay allows you to let the judges know your thoughts, feelings, and opinions on whatever subject they want you to write about. They don’t want to know facts that they can easily learn from your scholarship application, so refrain from starting your essay with something like, „My name is __________ and I go to _________ high school“.

To get the attention of the judges (who possibly have thousands of essays to read), start your essay with a compelling statement. Grab their attention right away and give them the desire to want to read your essay right through until the end, rather than skim it or toss it in the trash after the first few paragraphs. How do you do this? Think about the subject of the essay, decide what your opinion is, and then tie it into something that you’ve actually lived and firmly believe in. For example, to answer the question, „How will this scholarship money help you?“ you can start with „I love to sleep in, but for the last year I have dragged myself out of bed each Saturday morning so I can get down to my local children’s hospital to read stories to the sick children who are patients there…“ Then you can go on to explain how much you want to be a doctor and the scholarship money would help you pay for college and bring you one step closer to this dream.

Make yourself real to the judges. You are much more than a name on a flat piece of paper! Your essay allows you to come alive in the judge’s minds, so help them use their imagination to see you with lots of descriptive words, heartfelt emotions, and real life situations. Use a thesaurus to help you use words that make yourself stand out and be remembered. Always tell the truth. Never lie in your scholarship essays. Don’t have a parent write your essay for you. After reading so many essays, scholarship judges KNOW which students wrote the essays themselves, which ones stretch the truth, and which ones want to win so bad that they will say anything that makes them look better that the other applicants.

Scholarship judges want to know YOU in your essay. When you tell the truth, write from the heart, and draw them in right from the start, your chances of winning the scholarship money greatly improve. Other than the essay, there are ways to make your scholarship applications stand out and get noticed by the judges. Visit to learn more about these winning methods and for free scholarship tips.
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What Is The Best Way To Buy A Finance Paper

The time has passed when students need to spend countless hours struggling through essays for finance papers and after the entire struggle the student still receives poor to low grades. Now it is possible to buy high quality essay for a finance paper in a timely manner. There are several service providers online from whom students can buy well written and knowledgeable essays for finance paper.

These service providers have experts in the field of finance who write the essay for your paper. The writers are not only proficient in the field of finance but are also well versed with accepted paper writing styles and formats.

Given below are some tips to make sure that you buy the best quality essay for your finance paper which match your assessor’s requirement guidelines and expectations:

Send in a detailed requirement outline to the service provider from whom you decide to buy the essay for the finance paper. Clearer the requirement outlines are better are the results that you can expect.

Give sufficient time to the service provider to write the essay for the finance paper. This will not only bring down the cost for you but also allow time for revisions and editing if the first draft is not as per your expectations.

Think about sending samples to the service that your pick. The service provider can use that example to script the essay suiting your writing style.

Conduct a thorough background check about custom essays online service provider to make sure that they do not resell the essays as that can get you in trouble later. Scout the internet for any complaints registered about the custom essay service provider.

Request sample writing on a topic of your choice to ensure an effective and error free style of writing.

Many custom essays online services offer money back guarantee as that is a good indicator of quality of the service of the service provider. Look for features such as money back guarantee, client support and submission time lines.

Besides attractive pricing, to get best possible return on your investment make sure that the custom online essays service provider has a revision and rewording offer included in the essay writing package. This way you do not stand the risk of loosing money if the quality of essay does not meet your expectations, the first time.

Do not think twice about buying a custom written essay from an online essay writing service provider if you feel the need of using one.Several people are using it and getting ahead in the race by impressing their evaluators and getting better grades. Now it’s your chance do not let the opportunity slip away.
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College Essays – Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is not uncommon when students are stressed and worried about writing that essay. Everyone has a blank stare at the empty lines on the paper or the blank computer screen once in a while, but how can they get past it and get the essay completed? There are a few things that help students clear their minds therefore allowing their creative juices to flow.

Narrow or Broaden the Topic

One of the most common „blocking“ factors is a problem with the topic itself. For example, a person writing about crime in America may have difficulty knowing where to start. Should it be white collar crime or maybe how crime affects the lives of victims? On the other hand a topic that is too narrow may leave the writer struggling for ideas, words and/or direction. A good way to help alleviate this problem is to briefly outline the essay. It doesn’t have to be formatted, in fact a napkin will work fine, but this will help distinguish the direction of the essay.

Take a Break

The longer that you stare at a blank piece of paper the „blanker“ it becomes. Not really, but it does increase stress and this makes creativity nearly impossible. If you are having trouble, take a quick break. If that is not possible because it is a testing facility, try this – it works:

Take a deep breath holding the forefinger and thumb together. Close your eyes and take deep breaths in and out holding them. Exhale slowly and let your mind take you to a calm place, the beach, a water fall, mountains or wherever you like. Now look around and feel the air on your skin, smell the ocean or crisp clean air, hear the sea gulls and immerse yourself into the environment where you are. Inhale – exhale focusing on your breathing, concentrate on the energy building between your fore finger and thumb. The pressure is increasing and stress is flowing from the shoulders down to the contact of your fingers, now as you exhale release the stress allowing it to leave the body. Open your eyes and feel refreshed. This is guaranteed to help you focus; removing any limitations holding you back.

By taking a short break you can clear your mind and get your perspective back to complete your essay.

Feed the Mind

When most students are working on an essay they wait until the very last-minute therefore having very little time to complete their assignment. In many cases the student has not had dinner, leaving them hungry, tired and frustrated. This is not a good situation and can hamper writing abilities greatly. It is a good idea to ensure a good meal and plenty of rest before the writer begins the project. Many students have found that by keeping healthy snacks, such as crackers, fruits or vegetables handy it greatly increases their productivity. For one, it takes their mind off the stress of writing an essay and secondly it gives the brain and body power to think. Many do not realize the importance of a balanced meal or the detriment of any empty stomach. It does make a difference and this can be seen with students sitting in a desk, stomach rumbling and the paper blank. Snacks that are high in salt, sugars or other fatty foods are not recommended because they can actually inhibit learning and their cognitive processes.

Set Realistic Deadlines

Another common problem that causes students to have trouble writing their essays is the fact that they do not set realistic deadlines. Three hours is not an acceptable time to write any kind of essay, much less a three or four page paper. The best way to eliminate this problem is to ensure that there is enough time to properly research, and outline before getting started. In fact it may be that the student should break the assignment into a couple of sessions, to reduce fatigue, and boredom that often comes with homework. Set goals for the completion of the paper as this will not only help you stay on track, but also reduce the level of frustration. A good deadline may be one-page and the remainder of the paper over the next couple of days. That there is no right or wrong answer on deadlines, however scheduling is imperative to success.

Examine Underlying Issues/Problems

If writer’s block continues it may be that the student has something else on their mind that is troubling them. It is important is to examine the root of the problem in order to correct it and continue on with the paper. In many cases the student may be aware of the issue that is causing the problem, but sometimes they are at a loss for the cause. Some of the more common causes are not getting enough sleep, worried, anxiety or any other form of stress that preoccupies the students mind.

By following these few steps it will make writing the paper a bit easier. Writing an essay is not the most fun thing to do, however it is a necessary evil to make it through college.
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Step by Step Guide for Writing College Essays

No matter how creative you think you are, it is very unlikely that your college application essay will be completely original, especially to the people who are paid to read them. But even if you can’t leave your reader in awe of your genius, you should strive for an emotional reaction, a laugh, a cringe, a feeling of triumph. Writing a stellar essay, for all your inspiration, is something that is going to take a lot of work. Read on for essay help for the aspiring college student.

Telling someone you are tenacious is not the same as telling them that you have run a marathon in under three hours, or that you got a perfect grade point average, or you began to vomit during your SAT test and yet still stayed to complete it. There is a difference between abstraction and example, and the power of the latter is something you must harness if you want to create an emotionally engaging essay. Try to think about how you can skirt cliche. A lot of students will probably write about activities and achievements similar or even identical to yours. How will you distinguish yourself? Telling someone you care about the environment is not the same as telling them about how many pounds of paper products your recycling club recycled each week.

Many students write about challenges that inspired them in some way to become better people, but remember that a single event or characteristic isn’t usually enough to tell the whole story. A good GPA on its own is commendable, but a good GPA in light of your personal struggles – the death of a parent, a difficult illness, a cross-country relocation – not only gives the reader more information about you, but more context as to your achievements.

You are far more likely to write a vivid and engaging essay if you are writing about something that you actually care about. Writing an essay is hard enough; faking interest in your subject matter just makes it worse. If you can’t summon the interest about your sport or hobby, achievement or experience, how can you expect your reader to do the same? Expecting to be the best at everything you love is not only unreasonable, but limiting. Perhaps you are better at English than you are at math, but love calculus: do you think writing an essay about your good grade is going to be more impressive than an essay about your dedication to derivatives?
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To Order or Not to Order Custom Essays

Students across the world often face problems with writing essays. Sometimes, it is very difficult to cope with the essay tasks, especially for students from abroad and folks who have part time jobs to pay for college. Besides, not all people have inborn talent for writing. Therefore, for many students writing essays is a daunting task. There are several solutions: to get bad grades, write essays by yourself (however, who knows, you may fail) or look for essay writing services on the net.

It should be mentioned that there is much criticism about essay writing firms which are mostly web based. Indeed, there are lots of scammers in this industry, as well as companies that provide poor services. However, there are lots of decent websites with excellent reputation. In this article, pros and cons of using essay writing services will be discussed.


As already said above, there are lots of decent essay writing companies. As a rule, reliable companies have high search engines rankings. Besides, such sites invest in advertising, so you will easily find their ads on the net. It is imperative, though, to check out reviews. Indeed, these folks may have a great site with excellent search engine rankings. Moreover, they may publish lots of positive opinions from customers. However, these reviews might be fake. Therefore, it is recommended to look for real reviews at forums and blogs for students. There you will find honest opinions and stories. Sure, there are no ideal essay writing sites. At the same time trusted companies that value their clients always offer revisions and refunds to unhappy customers. It means that if you are not satisfied with the essay (it does not suit your requirements or the professor does not like it) you may ask for revision or refund. Luckily, the majority of websites with excellent reputation are eager to correct mistakes to have loyal clients. Since this is how they earn money, it is profitable to have customers who will buy more essays.

Also, essay companies usually hire the best writers with a solid education and academic background. For example, if you need a science essay, the company will look for a good writer with relevant science experience. Unlike cheap services, good sites hire only native writers, therefore, you will never get scrap written by an illiterate author.


As already said above, there are scammers on the net in all industries, including essay writing. Therefore, you have to be cautious when paying. Make sure the company has positive reviews. Also, it is recommended to contact their customer service. Normally, reliable sites have 24/7 customer support. At the same time, it is great to be able to ask for refunds, in case you are not satisfied with received essay (of course, if it does not suit specified requirements).

Some essay services can be rather expensive. In fact, the rate per page might reach 20 $ . At the same time, simple essays are not expensive. Moreover, you may be eligible for discounts, if you order in bulk.
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Reflective Essays, Introduction and Writing Strategy

When you look into the mirror, you see yourself staring at you. Writing reflective essays is exactly like to looking into the mirror. Reflective essays are usually written on completion of a milestone like if a scientist successfully conducts an experiment or a student is required to state his experienced at the end of a course or a class. These essays are quite different from informative ones, informative essay relates to some facts but relective essay is like an evaluation. It is a record of your feelings, findings, and expressions from the very beginning of your experience till the end. The goal of this essay is to express and weave togather the reflections in a manner that convey a new thought to the reader.

Writing stretagy would be the same like introduction, body and conclusion. This special essay requires a great amount of planning and perfect structure. Before initiating the process, you have to create a mind map on seperate sheet. It is an efficient method to come up with structured perceptions and thoughts, you only have to derive main idea or central theme on which you want to state your feelings and expressions.

It may be anything like your own experiences, some facts or any world event. Write the key theme in the middle of the sheet and draw lines around it, after brainstorming try to connect your own expressions or ideas with these lines emerging out of the main theme. You have to decide which personal experience you want to disclose in your essay. The main three broad categories that have mentioned before for each idea of, experience, facts or any world event, you can map out your thoughts and reactions.

Now, its time to initiate first part of your essay that is introductory paragraph, opening paragraph must be strong and attention grabbing that could hook up readers the moment they read the first line. Introduction should deal as a seperate paper but with highly precise approach. You have to include every important aspect into the introduction paragraph you are going to discuss in the body.

Opening para should clearly depict the whole picture of your idea or you can say, as reflective essays must reflect the essence and impression of the idea behind it. If you mention your thesis staement within the ending lines of first part of the essay then there is not any need to seperately mention thesis statement. This action is better than to state a single line and discuss it throughout the essay.

The credibility of your essay entirely depends upon your voice you establish as an author but also on actuality of the facts you recount. Mind mapping that you did at the start of the procedure will work at every phase, select your strongest experience from that map and group them into paragraphs. Arrangement of these paragraphs should be in a logical manner, focusing on the orderly evolution of your thoughts. For example if you are writing about grief then you have to devote a paragraph to deal with reactions to death precede one that covers handling mechanisms.

Essay must include some specific personal experiences; this should be brief and make sure they are unique and concrete. Write you memories, illustrate and present them with great enthusiasim and respect. Try to widen your point into a universal truth. Conclusion part should clearly reflect the realization you have learn through the experience and its reconciliation with outside world. The most essential factor that has to be considered in reflective essay writing is writer’s opinion and conclusion must directly relate to the experiences and ideas stated and discussed in the essay body.
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5 Simple Steps in Writing Compare and Contrast Essays

An outstanding compare and contrast essay should serve its purpose which is to elicit similarities and detail the differences between two or more things. This essay is based on comparison; therefore sufficient knowledge on the subject matter should be at hand.

No matter how informative the content of a compare and contrast essay, it will not be considered effective without proper structure and organization. To be able to create an outstanding essay, follow these five easy steps.

1. Know your topic. Do a considerable amount of research and take note of all the important facts and figures. Be sure you have the right information from reliable sources. After gathering information, select from them the most important comparisons and contrasts and these alone should be included in the paper. Avoid unnecessary points.

2. Plan. Make a blueprint of your essay. Since structure is the most important element of a compare/contrast essay it is vital to make a clear outline of your essay. The outline will be your guide in writing the essay. It will tell you if you are straying out of the topic or if you’re putting sentences in the wrong place. Strictly follow this guide to make the essay clear and logical.

3. Introduce the topic. The introduction should contain the reasons why you are writing the essay. It is important to present to the reader the connection between the things being compared, or else, they may not get the point and find it irrational. The introduction should be written in a general, neutral manner and present the thesis statement.

4. Be crystal clear. Either during comparing or contrasting, points should be laid cautiously; in terms where the reader will get it direct to the point. For example, put all the comparisons in one paragraph, and purely contrasts in another paragraph. Avoid mixing up these points to prevent confusion.

5. Wrap it up. End the paper in a generalization. The conclusion should exude your confidence and certainty on the subject. Reaffirm your thesis statement which you have written in the introduction; but this time, make yourself sound more absolute.
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