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These 4 Basic Spelling Rules Can Eliminate All The Spelling Mistakes In Your Essay!

Essay writing tasks are given to students, not only to check their literary skills and knowledge, but also their eye for perfection and minute details. The grader or an admission officer, who will read and assess you on the basis of your essay, will look for various things in your essay like facts presented, adherence to format, use of media and graphs, presentation, flow of language, inferences and conclusions arrived at, along with keeping an eye on even minute mistakes like font and spacing errors and most of all – spellings. Especially when the essay writer has been given enough time, it will be expected out of the essay writer to write the essay full full precision and care. Spelling mistakes are considered to be signs of sloppy, poor and careless writing, which is certainly not what you want to convey to your reader.

Spellings can be confusing at times, but we have come up with these four easy rules, tried and tested by professional essay writers, which will ensure there are no spelling mistakes in your essay. Take a look:
1. I Before E
This is the first basic rule for perfect spellings. I will always come before E like in copies, die, believe, friend, etc. Although, there are a few exceptions to this rule. I always comes before E except after C like in receive, deceive, ceiling, etc. or when it sounds like an A. For example – weight, neighbor, freight, vein, etc. There are also some other exceptions to this rule like: either, neither, weird, foreign, height, etc.
2. Doubling Final Consonants
There are some words to which we add endings in order to change the tenses. Now if you wish to add an ending to a word that ends in a consonant, the rule says, that you should double the consonant, provided it meets the following conditions:
– The ending, which we add to the word should begin with a vowel like -ing, -ed, -er, -age, -ence, etc.
– The last syllable in the word should be accented and the syllable should be followed by a single vowel, finished by a single consonant. Some examples of this rule are : Hot – Hotter, stop – stopping, kid – kidding, set – setting etc.
3. Dropping Final E’s and Y’s
A lot of confusion occurs when we add endings to words, as to whether to remove the E’s and Y’s or to keep them. Well, here’s the absolute rule to fix that confusion –
– if the word to which you have to add an ending ends with a silent e and the ending begins with a vowel, drop the e and add the ending. For example, surprising, noticing, writing, moving, etc.
– If the ending begins with a consonant, the custom essay writer should keep the e.
– If the word ends with two vowels, i.e.,the final e is preceded by another vowel, like in argue or true, even if the ending begins with a consonant, you should remove the e. For example, truly, argued, duly, continuously, etc.
– If the word ends with the letter Y, and the ending begins with a vowel, remove the Y and add an I along with the ending. For example, replies, supplies, stories, reliable, etc.
4. The Rule Of Plurals
When converting a singular word into a plural, most of the times, a single s is added like goats, chairs, tables, hands, etc.however, if the word’s ending is with x or s, -sh or -ch, then to convert it into a plural, the suffix -es has to be added. For example, boxes, fishes, dishes, benches, etc.
If the word ends with a consonant followed by a Y, then to make it a plural, you need to drop the Y, add ie instead and then the final s. For example, supplies, apologies, batteries, strawberries, etc.
English is a wonderful language and not even that difficult to understand. Just a little precision and you can master the language. So make use of these cool tips from the expert essay writers, and never go wrong with your spellings again.
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Research Paper Example, Practical Way to Write!

Research paper examples are an important part of the life of every student. Research papers are papers assigned to students in which they have to conduct extensive researches. Research papers test a student’s research and writing skills. It also tests the student’s knowledge of the subject. Research papers are important for students from the teacher’s point of view as they help the teachers in testing how students have improved in the subject and how much they understand about the topic.
In order to help them out, students need research paper examples. These provide a guideline to the students on how to write research paper, and make it easier for them. As the research work required is too much, it is not possible for the students to complete research paper example in the given time. They have to collect relevant and credible material, do research and compile and shape everything into a research paper example. This is a time taking process and the students are left with little or no work done at the expiry of the given time. Many students look for a research paper sample that would help them in writing research paper example themselves, but fail to find a quality piece of writing. Majority of students do not have access to any research paper help, and this leads them into poor practices like plagiarizing substandard material or making use of someone else’s research paper example. There is no one to properly guide them on how to write research paper examples, and this leads to frustration.
A large number of students at university level do part-time jobs along with studies. It becomes difficult for them to do proper research work and then compose research paper example. Many students claim they would be able to complete their research paper example within time if they had access to the right kind of and required material. University and college libraries do not provide access to all the needed information, and even if they do, it is a tedious job to manually go through books and collect research material. To avoid this toiling, some students copy and paste essays from books or from the internet, which leads to a case of plagiarism, which is strictly forbidden in most institutions.
A good writing company with a great reputation for providing students with quality help and good work free from plagiarism provides research paper examples. Students can buy research paper examples at this company at reasonable prices. They provide high quality online research paper examples that are free from plagiarism. They have a wonderful team of advanced writers who are trained to write all kinds of research paper examples in the shortest possible time. You get the quality you expect when you are working with this company. It surely provides its customers the best research paper example.
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Research Paper Outline Example, a Cook Book Approach!

Research paper outline examples are very difficult for most students because they are so lengthy. They require ample research work and all the sufficient and relevant material to be collected as a start. Generally, the deadline provided to the students in which to complete the assignments is not sufficient. This causes work accumulation and ultimately, the students are left with a large amount of work to do and material to shape in such short time. Writing research paper outline example takes loads of time and due to this, the students find it hard to complete it within the given time. These factors are extremely stressful for the students. Students who have to do part-time jobs find it extremely difficult to give time to writing their research paper outline example. It is hard for them to split their time between studies and their job.
There are companies that claim to provide online research paper help and research paper outline example but are in fact fraud companies that provide substandard material. Sometimes, the material being provided by these sites is even plagiarized. This can lead to extreme embarrassment and trouble when the students present this substandard and low quality paper in class. The only way out of trouble and such embarrassment is to take help from a reputed company that makes use of good quality research material and have its writers write all the work from scratch. Such companies are quite far and between as the custom writing market is full of fraudulent websites which deceive students.
A wonderful research paper company is here with a mission to help all students who face such problems. They provide the service of research paper outline examples and online research paper service to their customers and always keep their requirements in mind. The research paper outline example you want will only be assigned to the writer who has proper specialization in the subject. This makes sure that the research paper outline sample you get is professionally written and is perfect in every form. They provide research paper help to customers in any form including guidelines, outline and research papers. You can buy research paper outline example at this company and rest assured that the work you get would be free from plagiarism and perfect in every sense. They have a team of wonderful writers who are trained in writing all kinds of research papers. You can get mistake-free research paper outline example at this company. You can also get help on how to write research paper outline example at their website.
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Essay on How Science is Improving Our Understanding of Nature

How Science is Improving Our Understanding of Nature?

For the last thousand years eminent scientists have been occupied in investigating which certainly did enhance our perceptions about the universe and the other hidden phenomena’s working to support it. The principle of science is to make viable, impartial interpretations for producing explanations on the basis of precise annotations. The fact is a general theory is not enough to define anything but it sets up a trend on which direction to head. And the outcome gives us a more believable analysis of the procedure.

The scientists also try to hunt for the maximum explanations about the functioning of the world and universe. Just by using scientific machines, brainpower, devised theories, they now comprehend the universe more evidently. As illustrated the law of gravity defined by Newton and movement are usable in the universe even if we can not travel in those places. Then the usual theories can also be used to define seismic activity, ocean movement, bird displacing from one place to another and gale winds. These scientist gather evidence records readings use extra high tech gadgets to mark their explanations and create theories and the resultant is a better understanding of the environment.

The scientists also try to investigate in what way people developed. They research many things such as old fossils, bones, antediluvian human animals, monkeys, flying and land dinosaurs have made steady progress in these Ares. But notable and word famous scientists for instance dry Stephen hawking, albert Einstein and Newton, Johannes keeper all have complied statistics and played a part in devising these theories which gives us a better know how of the environment around us.

The science had also renovated the happening in the past of the planet and its existent shapes have given way to greater advance and hindsight in how natural world operates. For example the outline of ocean beds, aftereffects of lava, the silhouette of continents, seismic activity and different places have given different relics reminding us of the past. And thus we come to the conclusion that how the continents have moved with the animals and humans with and are where they are today. Then ice age gives us more viable explanations of the creatures that experienced changes in themselves. Now we are more aware of the negative consequence of GLOBAL WARMING and it is better to see the past behind and our future with it. By investigating these happening we are in a better position to administer our own ways and rectify them.

As we all know that science presents neutral theories, precise calculations, so there is uniform expansion in theories and machines being made along with it and made astonishing equipment’s like the HUBBLE TELESCOPE has pave a smooth way for clarifying the mysteries around galaxies, space and time, stars, supernovas, spiral galaxies, are being researched through enhanced computer simulation and supercomputers are being used to find more out. So now the past is also clear to us as well as the future and pros and cons along with it.
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Comparison Essay on Creation and Evolution

If we talk about Darwin’s evolution theory, we would know that whatever we are told is not proof enough for anything. Same is the case with creation and evolution when compared with each other as the fossil evidence out rightly opposes evolution.

The majority of us have learn that the evolution theory of Darwin is supported by fossil evidence whereas the truth exactly the contrary. As a matter of fact, evidence states a totally different theory in the comparison between creation and evolution.

So what is the reason for this?

Education tells us that the course of evolution has been defined by fossil record. Fossils required to confirm the theory of evolution are known as which describe a course of evolution among different types of fossils for that matter. So if for example cows had evolved form whales, we are bound to find various medial fossils all over the world.

We cannot have a single proof that evolution actually occurred until we happen to discover lots and lots of such fossils around the planet.

Now that does not support advocates of evolution at all in the comparison between creation and evolution.

Till date no one has ever discovered a which is quite a blow for the supporters of evolution. Even a single case revealing the discovery of such fossils has not been recorded in the past century and a half. Some scientists and researchers have although tried to use the evolution of whales but there are many technical issues involved. All the old fossils previously considered to be fossils are merely fossils of animal that no longer exist.

The archeopteryx which is a prehistoric bird having claws on the wings is a further example negating the evolution theory. A vast number of evolutionists thought of it as an intermediary shape in between birds and reptiles. Some time later, it was found that this animal was discovered in a place with signs that birds have been living there since quite a while. Finally, it was found that the was only another kind of bird species that faded away in time.

We do not have any medial fossils to support or prove the theory of evolution at this time. However, there is continuous debate in contradiction. The proof in support of evolution in this comparison between creation and evolution is just not there. All those in favor of evolution will have to do without it even tough if the story is reverse in our text books.

The notion that fossils needed to be discovered to support it if at all Darwin’s theory was correct, was accepted by the man himself. Darwin was actually aware of the fact that there was not a single material evidence to support his evolution theory, or at least as yet. This was because he was sure to find something in the time to come. Despite Darwin’s confidence, we haven’t found any medial fossils to prove his theory of evolution.

The supporters of creationism on the other hand, have regularly indicated that fossil evidence displays some kind of animals having a notable interruption in continuity between their kinds. They are correct, fossil evidence has revealed the same story time after time.

Unfortunately, fossil evidence does not do any good for the supporters of the evolution theory of Charles Darwin. All the available proof conversely backs the supporters of creationism as far as fossil records are concerned. And unless relevant fossil evidence is found, creationism has the balance of proof in the comparison between creation and evolution.
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Scholarship Essay

Education is the stepping stone to future progress of individuals and society in general. It is the key to unlocking the potential for anyone to succeed in life for anyone to succeed in life. Through education, we get the opportunity to learn and acquire skill and knowledge that will enable us to be productive people in various sectors of our economies. By getting the best education, we get the chance to contribute to both personal and national development.

I hereby apply for this scholarship in order for it to enable me to get the opportunity to learn this course and achieve my main objective which is becoming the first graduate in my family. I come from a family that does not have a solid educational background. The person with the highest level of education managed to complete high school. I am therefore the most learned person there and I want to be the role model and inspiration to the rest of the family members I value education because I believe that it can change our bad perceptions of life, help us to do away with cultural beliefs that do not assist us improve our lives and change the people’s perception to value new ways of life that are of benefit to them. I wish to set the best example to my two daughters so that they may grow knowing the importance of education in making their lives better

I am a 28 year old single mother with two daughters and currently am pursuing my Bachelor of Arts degree in criminology. I am trying as much as I can to get the better education for myself and my two daughters so as to see than live a better life in future. As I progress with my education to the highest level possible, I am trying to inspire my two daughters to meet their set life goals. Am trying to show them how we can change our status of living into a brighter one by getting the best out of school and being able to fill important vacancies that will pay us well and make us self reliant.

I hope to work hard and graduate with excellent scores to enable me to further my studies and establish my understanding in criminology. I am a highly motivated person who believes in success and high achievements due to my positive power of success. I hope that I will be accorded the opportunity to achieve my lifetime desires. I will focus all my energies towards success in my studies.

I have discovered that all graduates from this university have excelled in their various fields. The business trend is currently leaning towards the field of criminology where numerous vacancies are available. This will be the ideal base for me to lay my career foundation. With all these reasons, I hope that you will consider my application in so that I may realize my dreams.

All degree programs are very demanding and need a lot of commitment in order to succeed. It is with this in mind that I wish to state that I am now mature enough and capable of handling the pressure and tight deadlines that are associated with this degree. Being my desired course, I believe that my zeal and determination to master in it will be the driving force behind my success in the institution. My future aspiration is to venture into management of business setups that stand out to be success stories.
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Teenagers Today -Example Scholarship Essay

In the old days, teenagers played a secondary role in the society. They never assumed any responsibility nor was it offered. The elders usually played all the important roles and the youth was made legally responsible only after they attained certain age. In many matters, the decision of the elders was final.

Today’s teenagers, in general, have the right to obtain education. In my opinion, only the educations can increase the literacy among the teenagers and hence teenagers will have a wider range of communication. Why does communication seem to be so important? For your information, by communicating with others, we can actually exchange our ideas with them. Isn’t good for us? On the contrary, if we do not obtain education, we definitely cannot communicate well with others. This will lead to misunderstanding which subsequently leads to quarrels or even wars. Hence, teenagers have the responsibility to study and complete their given tasks, homework or assignment.

In addition, teenagers have the right to participate in family, cultural and social life. Teenagers should learn to mix well with others be it a Malay, a Chinese or an Indian. For example, teenagers should be actively involved in the activities held in the residential areas such as ‚gotong-royong‘. Besides, teenagers are also responsible to help around the house. To illustrate, they can help in the household chores such as sweeping and mopping the floor, wiping the window, wash the clothes and others. These can help to shape the teenagers to be more responsible and be more independent.

Nowadays, the teenagers appear to be revolting throughout the world. On top of that, teenagers today succumb to various influences. For instance, moral values and graciousness, in the past, were prominent in most teenagers. However, these moral values and self-discipline hold by the teenagers are gradually diminishing over the years. This lack of self-discipline and self control is becoming more and more apparent over time. Even the simplest of morals say, respect, care and consideration are fading away over the years. In particular, a simple display of respect like offering the elderly a seat on the bus is being replaced by other violent acts.

Furthermore, teenagers today tend to lead a modern lifestyle as compared to the teenagers in the past. Unlike those days, teenagers are forced to stay at home playing all kinds of simple games; teenagers today have variety of choice or games, for example, computer games. Teenagers too, seem to like the same kind of things and adopt similar fashions. In particular, walkman and modern hand phones seem to be inseparable for the teenagers. The long hairstyle of the teenagers of the western countries has also become very common in our country. Moreover, teenagers today often staying up late or even involving in social ills. It’s very sad to hear that the percentage of teenagers involved in social ills is increasing. Hence, some actions must be taken to stop the teenagers from continue to abuse themselves.

In a nutshell, teenagers, the cream of the society, must not be allowed to move on the path of destruction. The home and the school have a tremendous responsibility in shaping the character of the teenagers. The teenagers need people to advise them, guide them, and to lead and show them the path of righteous and enjoyable activities. The correct directions given to teenagers can help them to be good and useful men of tomorrow.
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Tips for Professional Essay Editing Service You Should be Using Today

Editing Services For Professors- Quick & Dependable!

If you are about to complete an essay, you are going to likely become delighted due to the awareness of achievement and amazed. This feeling frequently takes to carelessness. Frequently, some errors require revision of several times to learn. But it’s very challenging job for the pupils over and over because the students must concentrate other area. At present there are lots of on-line proofreading websites which can help the pupils to find out errors in their own writing.

Now, let us have a peek at the questions that determining to take help from the on-line proofreading websites:

In this century you don’t have to visit any property established proofreading house to proofread your file. The on-line proofreading websites, at present, offers variety of services including editing services for professors.

How is the price facet of the on-line proofreading websites?

The on-line evidence reading sites that offers editing services for the professors are change cost effective. The academics set the costs based on their skill and the goal customer. Academics attempt to establish a cost that’s affordable by the pupils as the primary goal of the proofreading websites that provide editing services for they, are pupils. Because of this the cost for the editing services for the professors will be quite low. Therefore, you will not need to be worried regarding the price of the services. But the price of services changes in websites to websites. Because of this, most of the on-line proofreading and editing sites supply graph of costs for various services in their own individual websites. The on-line proofreading and editing services for professors also come in various amounts. The cost also will change based on the amount of services. As an example, a primary degree service will not cost higher than a premium level service.

How often do academics assess the papers?

The on-line websites that are proofreading supply three phase that is established file editing process. That means the file returned to the customer and isn’t only edited for once. Rather the file is assessed for several times. In most of the instances a file is assessed in the online editing services for professors for 3 times. The final amount of editing is called board amount editing. In this period capable proofreaders try for the document’s final test. Therefore, no error stay unchecked and can escape. The online editing services are dependable and very fast. So, you do not need to be concerned about safety and the protection of your paper.

It’s possible for you to rest assured of the entire protection of your paper. In degree or the first step of editing and proofreading fundamental grammar is assessed because no matter how cautious you’re, you forget to correct it and will may commit any typing error. After writing including construction or other significant features, stream of info is assessed.
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Valuable Custom Essay Writing Company Help Is Given Here Along With Authentic Support!

Formulation of an academic paper is not at all times an unfussy task for many students but not for a custom writing company. A huge amount of vigor is required to finish it and not all the students are prepared to utilize their best skills to fulfill this task. At times, students are in requirement of further assistance on a professional level, still, they are not certain where they can acquire some. What we advise is to pay attention to an online service and then buy a term paper help. For example, if you take editing help it is worthwhile for countless reasons why you should use this help. The entire team cooperates with students from various places of the world and that is the reason it is hard to develop a certain working timetable. So, you can utilize their services, request questions, or give the essential time that the task entails. Our writers and editors are professionals from various fields, and a number of them have sound degrees. You are welcome to acquire a term paper and on your wish you can collaborate with native speakers or ESL writers and editors. If you are in search for plausible and cheap services, the company will also turn out to be an apposite detector for you. Sometimes, discount codes are also given and by means of the accessible discount codes, the customers are also able to hoard their money and gain profits. Normally, three sorts of the discounts are found there: lifetime, seasonal, and help-a-friend. We, in fact, consider that the grounds mentioned in this article will serve you to understand why you must procure term papers from a firm. The team is contented to lend a hand to all students, and you might be one of them who love to work with us. The squad of writers assembled by the firm is also one of the most important aspects. If these are good, then the work conditions given by them are also very good and in benefit of the clients. Prior to the writer is included in the team, their educational background is checked and their expertise and writing skills in the academic field in which they have graduated are also assessed. Only those writers are given a chance who can complete the orders at any cost no matter how taxing they are. So if you are getting real experts who could help you achieve success and that too at very affordable prices and according to your guidelines, then certainly the result will be excellent one and your professor will give you a straight A!
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Take a Look at a Master Dissertation Example

Writing a dissertation does not follow the same route as in routine essay writing. Thinking and planning takes up most of the time even before the writing starts. Being a long process, various fields require to be explored within a definite time frame to achieve a fruitful research objective.

As one proceeds towards the completion of the degree course, the pattern of study within definite dimensions and framework changes, and the time comes to the writing of dissertation required to complete the degree course. Lots of doubts, unsolved queries and problems surface out in the ongoing process. Before doing it on the paper, one needs to think about the subject, to what extent one is familiar with and then start building ideas. Noting down the ideas and scanning them several times allows one to go deeper into the subject. Collecting field notes, data and compiling them properly hastens the process. It is wise to be creative in own ideas and not to get influenced by others. Advisors or guides help must be given due importance.

Thinking and planning must be carried out maintaining a time frame, so that writing doesnt get stretched beyond the desired time limit. Better to set a realistic time limit and work keeping a tab on it.

A dissertation must start with a good proposal designed with well knit words having a good heading. A detailed literary review regarding the research work, the steps to be followed along with a definite methodology and finally the motivation of the fellow to go for the research must be clearly reflected in the proposal. A good and supportive advisory committee is a must to provide support as and when required.

Following the initial steps writing the dissertation becomes enjoyable rather than a nightmare. Not necessarily one need to start writing from chapter one to the last chapter. Better to write off the easiest chapters first and then tread through the lesser known areas.

After finishing, the chapters can be sequenced in best possible order and the missing links can be added wherever required. Dissertation must be written in clear language without any grammatical mistakes with frequent use of keywords related to the research. The graphs, charts and tables must be drawn neatly and labeled properly, better to draw in hand than in word processor. Going through two or three previously written dissertation gives more clear ideas in developing the writing content.

The Table of Contents is undoubtedly of great help to the reader but invaluable to the writer. But this table helps to find out the mistakes and missing things in the manuscript, and with the word processor at hand, one can copy paste the section headings into the table of content.

Due attention must be given to the conclusion or implication part. As this represent the total research work, so the conclusions must be supported well from the findings of the research and analysis.

The last chapter of the dissertation must be written in accordance to the first chapter. Revisiting the first chapter is wise to ascertain that the perspective of the research is maintained till the last chapter is over.

If maintaining these guidelines accurately in near to impossible, professional writers help can be sought. It is desirable that the writing draws the attention of many while facing the dissertation defense.
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