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How to Write Killer College Essays

Now that you’ve decided which colleges (or online universities) that you want to attend, it’s time to get serious about crafting an effective essay for the admissions department. This is where you should really set yourself apart from the other students who are clamoring for your spot on the freshman roster. More than just another resume, the college application essay is the perfect opportunity for you to show how focused you are on created a successful life for yourself. Here’s how to get started:

1. Focus on yourself more than your accomplishments. Although you do want to communicate your various activities and memberships during your school years, it’s important to remember to give an idea of who you are as a person. For example, why did you opt to participate in band rather than sports?

2. Give specific details about your goals. Even if you don’t know exactly what you want to major in, it’s important to let the administration board know what you hope to get from your college experience. Everyone wants to learn and have more time to grow, but do you want to have the opportunity to live away from home and meet a diverse new group of people in the process? If so, this is your chance to explain why.

3. Don’t let your essay turn into a resume. Your transcripts and high school accomplishments will appear elsewhere in the application, so do your best to focus on other areas about yourself in your essay. You can reference your resume and comment that all it entails has helped you evolve into the young adult that you have become and helped to prepare you to meet challenges in your future, but don’t simply list your resume details. The fact that you played volleyball, for instance, taught you about teamwork and how to come back from the loser’s bracket to win a championship.

4. If you are the kind of student who doesn’t have a lot of obvious experience to draw from, think about a book that you’ve read that perhaps molded your current attitudes about the environment, for example. Or maybe there was a time in your early adulthood when you took a risk that taught you a valuable lesson to draw from later.

Now that you have a good idea how to get started, try to lighten up and enjoy the process. Many times the act of writing the essay itself serves to enlighten the writer as well.
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The Trials of College Admission

Entrance requirements at colleges vary widely. While some schools are stricter than others, even colleges with open admissions policies will check out a student’s record. Here are some tips to consider when your child is applying for college.

Of course, the first place any college will start is a student’s high school record. Most important is the overall classroom performance. Honors classes and college-prep courses will be looked upon more favorably than electives. Colleges require all of the main subjects to be covered, and they will deny students if their classes are imbalanced. Your GPA is important, but your class work must be challenging. Also, students taking easy classes tend to score lower on admissions exams.

Most schools look for four years of English, three years of mathematics, three years each natural sciences and three years of social sciences. Some colleges also require other subjects such as foreign language and fine arts. Check for information on requirements with the schools your son or daughter is considering.

Standardized test scores are another measure of academic ability. Test scores on the SAT or ACT are analyzed. These are combined with general academic achievement to help colleges choose which students to accept. Also, certain sections of these tests will aid in course placement. For example, English majors will want to have stellar verbal and written scores. If these scores are lacking, a different major will probably have to be chosen.

Admissions interviews and essays are another factor in the admissions process. When writing an admissions essay, don’t let your son or daughter overuse their thesaurus. It makes the essay sound contrived. Be interesting, and keep the attention of the reader. Also, use concrete images. For example, don’t say that you „learned something.“ Write a specific example of what was learned. Don’t write a mess of words just to use up space. Be concise and direct. Avoid slang. And, most importantly, make sure that the question is answered. There’s nothing worse than a whole lot of text rambling without saying anything.

In an admissions interview, other factors come into play. Promptness is one of the first steps toward a successful interview. Also, be sure that your student dresses to impress. Formal clothes are overkill, but jeans and a t-shirt are inappropriate. Interviewers demand respect, so make sure that your son or daughter greets them by name and title. If a tour of the college is given, the student should greet every faculty member with courtesy and a smile.

When in a room, a student shouldn’t take a seat until it is requested. An admissions interview is like a job interview. It’s a chance for the prospect to sell themselves by stressing achievements and asking insightful questions. Body language and posture are important, as is focus. Drifting off during the interview is surefire way to ruin it, as is a general lack of respect. When the interview is over, it’s important to continue the respect with a handshake and polite thanks.

College admission is a quest. Throughout all the tests and interviews, encourage your teenager to keep focused on the positive. Colleges are looking for the brightest and have only your student’s best interests in mind.
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Everyday Challenges Faced By An Essay Writer

Writing is always fun, it’s the best way to express your thoughts and convey it to others. For professional writers, it’s the most important task of the day, and they enjoy doing it. But, there are times, when even they face challenges while writing down.

Most of the writers face challenges when they have to put down their long-winded and disorganized thoughts on paper every other day. These challenges encourage them to write better and win over their struggle. Below is the list of some common challenges faced by writers around the world.


The very first challenge which has to be overcome, is the organization of the content. The essay should follow the proper structure, for example, a five para essay should have an introduction, three body paragraphs and a conclusion. The number of body paragraphs is increased according to the demand of the write up. The essay is to be composed in a way that it sounds logical and is easy to understand.

Style Statement

It’s a tough job to set your own style of writing. The most famous writers have a particular style of writing, which can be easily recognized by their readers. Setting a writing style which is unique and appealing is an everyday dare for the writers. Style is the way in which writers express themselves, and it includes choice of words, diction, sentence structuring and tone of the write up.

Strong Arguments
Convincing the readers requires a solid, hard to refute argument which can be done only if you have taken enough pains to do the research work properly. To convince the readers and change their perspective, it’s important for the writers themselves to first understand the concepts and then bring in relevant arguments, facts and figures to support their writing.

Read On

It is very important for all the writers out there to have very strong reading habits. Writers have to be very thorough with the reading practice to make sure that they are reading enough and reading correct to include the best references in their write ups. Reading efficiently before starting off with the essay also makes the writer familiar with the literature surrounding the topic.

Mood Swings

Mood swings are common with everyone, even writers face this problem. There are times when there is a good flow of thoughts, and writers know that it’s the best time to jot down an essay, but there can be situations when writers can’t even think of a single word to start with. This may happen due to a lot of stress or burden, taking rest and relaxing before starting a fresh write up should be done to overcome this challenge.

My Readers

A writer is known by the number of readers and fan following it has. Having a huge group of audience is a major challenge for all the writers. They are always in the process of increasing their followers.

Time Matters

Time and tide wait for none! For writers managing time is a big threat. They need to set aside dedicated time to work on their essay. They need to allow enough time to conduct research if needed, to write a rough draft, to revise and to revise again if need be. Time management is the key to such problems.

Fear to Fail

As there is a lot of competition in the writing world, writers always have the fear of failing. They might lose upon confidence and feel disappointed. Writers may develop insecurities regarding their writing abilities.

Idea stuck

Sometimes there are situations when the writer knows that he/she can write an essay on the respective topics, but when he/she sits to write down his/her thoughts, there are no ideas coming into the mind. This happens to mostly to all the writers. To overcome this situation, one can do a lot of reading to get new ideas, observe the surroundings, have group discussions, go to new places to open up the mind and bring in new thoughts.

Getting the real work
There are writers who are highly skilled and capable of writing brilliant essays on any topic, for them are writing an essay is not a challenge, but finding the correct clients is a tough job. Clients who can recognize their work and pay them a handsome amount. To find the right client it is important for writers provide services which are different and more attracting from others.
Read here about the various writing challenges faced by famous writers.
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Best Custom Essay Writing Services – What are the Services They Offer?

Custom essay writing services are here to stay. These essay writing services offer a wide range of services. From writing research paper services to book review writing services, almost every type of custom essay writing service is in demand nowadays.

The growth in the number of custom essay writing services started with the boom in the Internet. With an increasing number of businesses getting online, competition started to intensify and search engine optimization (SEO) became very important. This is when demand for quality keyword rich content increased. Today you can find some of the best custom essay writing services offering exclusive services for the Internet such as writing SEO enriched articles for websites, based on their particular industry vertical.

The demand for custom essay writing services has always been driven by the student community too. Students are required to submit their entrance essays and they more often than not, seek the help of these custom essay writing services. Dissertation writing for example, is an area that is best handled by the professionals in the essay writing services. These essay writing services usually employ subject matter experts who take care of these essays.

Writing research paper services is a big business these days. You can find scores of companies offering these services. These companies usually offer a range of services including proofreading and tutoring the students on the subjects, apart from the writing part.

You can also find several movie review writing services these days. This is not surprising given the growth of the movie industry. With movies being produced in large numbers, the need for quality reviews has increased. These reviews are usually published on a regular basis in newspapers and magazines. With the rise in the number of movie based websites, these reviews are also published regularly on online sources too. In fact, a lot of times, these reviews also affect the box office collections of movies. Such is the seriousness with which they are read by avid movie buffs.

Similar to the case of movie reviews, book review writing services are also in great demand nowadays. These book reviews are again published in newspapers, magazines and over online sources. There are specialized reviewers who go through these books and write the review. The writer will usually specialize in reviewing a particular genre of books.

With the consistent growth of the print, electronic and online media, it is not surprising that custom essay writing services are in demand. It is a demand that is expected to rise exponentially in the near future.
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Improving Your Essay Writing With An Online Tutoring Service

With an online tutoring service you can get online test preparation and pick up essay writing skills. Writing essays might not be your favorite thing to do, but in terms of study abroad applications and scholarships, it is an important factor which you must do. When you write a study abroad application essay or scholarship essay, you should write something which talks about yourself, something which truly shows the admissions personnel who YOU are. The figures, stats, extracurricular activities, and academic achievement will be the same for many of the applicants. The essays, however, will be different and will show your potential colleges what you have to offer. The study abroad application essay or scholarship essays topics will be direct or indirect. They might ask you to discuss something about yourself or they might ask you to write about a meaningful event or book. Both of these options, however, are asking about you.

There are three basic questions a study abroad application essay or scholarship essay will ask. They revolve around „you“, „why us“, and „creative“. The first one asks you to tell them about yourself. They might disclose this as a single-page personal statement or by asking you to describe what quality you most want to see flourish, or what you like most/least about yourself. The next option will ask you explain your goals and plans and why this school is right for you. In this instance, you want to approach the essay by explaining the process you went through for selection. The last option will inadvertently ask you to show yourself and your views by asking questions about a national issues, photograph, or famous person. A common example would be asking you to describe a person who has greatly influenced your life and how.

Your essays will be a key component in the evaluation of your values, sense of humor, creativity, preferences, mental processes, and knowledge. The essays are a reflection of your style, mastery of the English languages, organizational abilities, and power of persuasion. In your application essays colleges will be looking for your preferences. They will look for whether you are a science person or an arts person. They will look for your values. Your essay is an indication of what matters most to you as well as how you perceive yourself. Your thought processes are reflected in your essay. The essay shows the readers whether you are an impulsive person or a whimsical person, whether you are methodical and careful, whether you gather all of the necessary background information before making a decision, your particular manner of thinking, intelligence, and insight.
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Helpful Tips On Choosing A Reliable Essay Writing Service

Everyone knows, pupils around the globe get lots of assignments. Possibly, one of the most common and hard assignment is definitely writing papers. Often, learners need to compose essays and submit them promptly. In such a way instructors check special know-how of scholars about diverse themes. Making an essay could be an overwhelming activity especially for learners with no authoring talents. Also, frequently students need to work part-time, thus they don’t have time and energy to compose papers. As a result, these kinds of students have dangerous difficulties with scientific studies and receive poor grades.

Still, there is the solution. You will find many paper composing firms which provide related expert services. So, you have to spend on a paper to let professional authors get the job done for you personally. Sure, you will find advantages as well as disadvantages of applying services of such organizations. In the following paragraphs we will concentrate on them, as well as reveal recommendations on picking out trusted firms that have excellent name.

Thus, let’s start with advantages of ordering essays from such organizations. First of all, you will undoubtedly receive the report promptly. Sure, presently can be delays, yet, nearly all reliable firms always send in operates by the due date. Additionally, you may ask for the refund in the event you poor to get your essay on time. Needless to say, that won’t fix difficulties in college or school, but you’ll get your hard earned money. Even in case you get 1 day before the submitting due date, some agencies can deal with tough project throughout this point. For example, several freelancers could work with your own task and cope with it immediately. Of course, you will need to pay too much. On the other hand, you’ll get the original essay promptly.

The second thing is, when purchasing essays from the reliable professional writing service you’ll make certain skilled copy writers will work on your assignment. Normally, such services employ expert freelance writers as well as learners who’re familiar with various sciences. So, if you have to create an essay regarding economics, the essay company will look for a blogger having appropriate experience. Typically, it’s possible to request a specific writer, in case you happen to be a regular customer.

Finally, the vast majority of these companies offer an endless number of changes or a total money back guarantee in case the essay is not approved or maybe it’s badly authored. That signifies that you’ll be able to call for a repayment or perhaps ask for a revision. In other words, the author will work on your paper before you and your mentor are entirely completely satisfied. It’s the scenario in which every person wins. Make certain, the organization offers revising and even reimbursement.

Any time choosing an essay composing bureau, make sure you actually go with trustworthy firms. It’s a good idea to go to forums for pupils at which they look at pluses and minuses of different organizations as well as propose trustworthy services. You may as well check out reviews at web-sites of these kinds of agencies. But, the top strategy would be to use search engines to look for opinions. Sure, you can find absolutely no perfect firms, but, respected essay making services should have encouraging testimonials and value the customers.
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How To Proofread Your University Essay

One of the most common mistakes made by students is the lack of knowledge on how to proofread their essay, after they have finished. This often leads to essays being submitted with grammatical and spelling errors, or serious faults in their argument.

A lot of marks can be lost on errors that could easily be spotted and changed before handing in, and that can mean the difference between a pass and a fail. Below, I have identified the best ways to proofread your essay, so you can be sure that you’ll achieve the marks you deserve.

1. Take a break between writing the article and proofreading it. Making sure you’ve got a clear head, and having as much time as you need to edit your article will mean you can do a more thorough job, and make the end result much more worthwhile. Choose a time of day that you can concentrate well at, and make sure distractions are kept to a minimum. The more effort you put into it, the better your essay will be.

2. Proofread your article backwards, sentence by sentence. This will make you pay attention to spelling and grammar, rather than just the meaning of your paper. Some people find it helps to put a ruler under each line as you read it, so that you focus just on the line in front of you. Make sure each line makes sense, has good sentence structure, all the punctuation it needs, and every word is spelt correctly.

3. Use your own spell checker. While most computer programmes now have inbuilt spell checkers, they often make errors. They may suggest a word that you don’t mean at all, or make simple errors such as not knowing the difference between through and thorough, for example. It’s worth making sure you’ve spelt important or specialist words right, or double check any words that you usually spell wrong or are unsure about.

4. Ask others for help. If you’re not sure where to put the apostrophe, what’s wrong with a sentence, or how to reference correctly, do your research. Ask friends, or search the internet. Simple mistakes like this only take a few minutes to correct but can be quite costly if you get them wrong.

5. Look back through work you’ve already completed, and spot your common errors. Asking your tutor may also help. Make a list of the errors you make repeatedly, and read through your essay backwards again for each one, correcting them as you go.

6. Read the paper once aloud. This will make sure the sentences sound correct and are punctuated correctly. It will also show you the difference between what you meant to write, and what you did. Check that your essay flows freely.

7. Give your essay to a flatmate or parent to read. Ask them if it makes sense, and to point out any confusing sentences or mistakes that they spot. Other people can usually spot mistakes a lot easier than we can ourselves, and can be more critical of the essay itself.

8. Read through your paper again. After you have done all of the above, read through the paper again, once for spelling, once for punctuation, and once to check each paragraph makes sense, and links to the one before and after.

Once you have made all of these checks and proofread your essay, then it should be perfectly written and ready to hand in. The whole process shouldn’t have taken more than two hours, and will ensure that you won’t be losing out on marks due to silly mistakes. When you become used to making these checks, you will become faster at doing them, and your writing grades will improve rapidly because of the higher quality of written material you will be submitting.
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Getting Help From an Essay Writing Service: Things To Know

Are you a high school or university student? Do you often have a problem with your essays and also papers? There are lots of various situations in high school, college, and also grad school in which you will be expected to write academic papers or even essays. You will be expected to write essays about your personal thoughts and opinions, essays about the liberal arts or perhaps social sciences, and essays about books you have read. On the subject of piecing together a solid essay, many times you may need a little bit of help. If you are serious about something such as this, have a look at this article.

In terms of writing, there are a lot of various students that will have to ask for help. To begin with, you should ensure that you know that it doesn’t mean that you happen to be stupid. You’ll be able to really consider that you are being a responsible student as you care enough to make the ideal writing for your classes, and that is absolutely something that must be respected and admired. So what do you do if you find yourself needing some help of this type? Well, there are a number of available options to you.

You might want to discover a custom essay service, first of all. These kinds of services will offer you a lot of assistance in relation to your academic essays. You may basically discover that you need an editor or a person to be sure that your essay sounds the best that it can. You may want someone to take your original ideas and notes and compose an excellent, well-structured essay using your material. An essay writing service is likely to provides you with the tools you need to produce writing worthy of high grades, and that is absolutely something you will see to be true.

If you are looking for an essay writing service, you need to unquestionably keep in mind that the web is a superb tool in relation to discovering this kind of information. One of the very best things that you might like to try doing would be to utilize search engines like google to find what you are trying to find. You may want to specify, as an example, that you’re trying to find assistance for a psychology or even sociology essay in the search engine as the case might be.

There is undoubtedly much to learn in relation to essay writing services. You’ll definitely discover that it is advisable to make sure that you do your research and understanding what you are getting yourself into. You will recognize that with the right assistance, you will be well on your way to having top quality essays, which will undoubtedly be useful.
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Be Response-able For Your Response Essay

You see something attractive or mind blowing like an action movie and what is your response „Awesomeness“ but when it’s a college essay your response, not so much. Writing down this type of essay cannot be considered in the difficulty category. It’s only difficult when you think it is, so fix your perception about taking everything as impossible, even the mission impossible in the end became possible so let’s get this show on the road James Bond.

College Essay is all about analysis, critical thinking, decision making and creating priorities about between the worst, better and best. Sometimes these college essays can be on opinion making. Response essay is such writing where you have to response to a certain topic given to you, whether it’s a text, book, article, thesis etc, but you have to be careful about giving your response, for example you have to give your opinion on Shakespeare’s Hamlet and your response is „He is weak willed and pathetic“ and full stop. Your teacher will definitely give you an F and a full stop.

Writing a college essay demands standards and certain formalities from its students like citations, and a road map like what is your starting point and where you will end and how will you end it.

The first paragraph is all about introductions about the author and his works, then you come on the assigned topic and explain its story, theme, technicalities, etc in a short paragraph of at least 5 sentences, no longer than that. After summarizing the entire orientation you then move to the body.

The body is then about the pointers you have picked out of your topic, if it’s a novel, then you discuss what kind of language the author has used like there are formal, informal etc, find out similes, metaphor and why is the author is relating that thing with another, give a critical evaluation of the author’s thinking. If it’s some thesis then you have to explain by making the thesis the subject of the topic „for example „According to the thesis“.

You can explain and relay that why has the author used such an expression and whether it’s linked with the author’s past, like Leo Tolstoy wrote novels in criticism of the aristocrats and their authoritarian way of oppression because he saw the cruelty embedded on the poor class by the Tsars and the nobles.

It is in this part of the college essay where you add citations out of the work given to you, which is called as quoting. Remember to make a rough draft before you start the finale, it will make your work even easier. You start with point 1, make a citation, give your opinion and link it with the quote that how you are against it or in favor of it, then you move on to pointer 2.

The conclusion is all about recapping, and summarizing the big heavy details in to the smaller and easy to comprehend pointer in to the fingertips of the reader. Don’t forget to make your conclusion supportive with some proof from the work itself and proof read it before submitting it.
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College Research Essay, Search For What?

It’s that time of the year, the teacher is waving an assignment sheet in her hand, the atmosphere outside of your class is getting darker and darker and you can barely breathe when the teacher says „You have to write research essay…“ and you blind out. Yes it’s the research essay work, where you forget your weeks sleep and go in to a huge map-less trek of the unknown. It’s a mind blowing work and you end up in the 9-5 work life, with only a coffee break as your food substitute.

I won’t say that writing this type of college essay is going to be easy, but you can make it less difficult for yourself if you remember the first rule; working early will save you from being the last. If the teacher gives you the college essay topic, then you can ask your teacher’s help, many students don’t go for guidance regarding the topic and end up very confused by the end of the week. It’s your first priority that you must better understand and comprehend the topic. If the teacher is not helpful then ask any senior for help or contact another teacher. If you have the option to choose a topic for yourself, then you can pick an approved thesis and apply in different circumstances, like the past EU trade with the South American trade and show the results. It will give a head start and plenty of fuel for your college essay as that thesis would require only a little research and brainstorming.

The very first A of your college essay is getting the 4W and an H (What, where, who, why and how). The point of confusion starts here where the students get all the information about the topic but none of the answers that is required in your college essay. For example, how terrorism has affected the stock market, why it has, and what are its statistics; or does it require the past data.

The very first thing you need to do is, (must I say it) research. Yes it’s a very T2 thing (tedious and tiring) but you have to do it. So anyway let’s begin our quest.

After the RBD, researching, brainstorming and drafting up your college essay you get to the final stage. Whether it’s a persuasive, narrative, expository essay etc, your method will still be the same.

The introduction is all about the background of the topic and you will explain in the first paragraph what you intend to explain, that will give your reader a kick start and will be able to comprehend the topic.

After the introduction come up to the main body paragraph where you use the format of writing a college essay, the citations, excerpts, quotes, etc. Remember the 3C’s, Clarification, Continuation and Connectivity. All of your hard work will go to waste of you add A and connect it later to D. Make a statement, add a citation, then move to the next point, add a citation and so it goes on.

In the conclusion, you end it with an excerpt from a work, or give proved facts to make your college essay strong.
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