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Literature Reviews and Critical Essay Writing

Abstracts for literature reviews and critical essays share the same spirit as research articles: that is to stand as complete and concise representations of larger works, but since the structure of these texts differ from research articles, their abstracts will also be different. These abstracts should begin by introducing the topic and problem and problem being investigated. The thesis statement, if a component of the associated article, should be clearly and completely included at near the beginning. The author should then detail the original evidence that supports the main purpose or argument of the paper. Again, the emphasis is not placed on the referenced literature but on the conclusions you made as an author based on these outside references. Finally, writing some reviews and essays involve unique methods, be they meta-analysis of statistical data or traveling to exotic locations to examine ancient texts. If the methods required to write an article are particularly novel, they should be included in the abstract in the same order as they appeared in the text. Otherwise, the methods for review should not appear in the abstract.

Conference Abstracts

Abstracts for conferences serve slightly different purposes than those for written articles. An individual reading an abstract in a conference booklet is deciding whether or not to attend your presentation or reading. In a sea of academic ideas, your abstract should give prospective attendees an accurate idea of the content of your presentation. After the fact, your abstract may be the only document of your research to an attendee of your presentation. Individuals will often consult conference proceedings months or years after the fact, as they recall a short presentation only now relating to their current research. A complete conference abstract allows researchers to refresh their memories about your findings.

Conferences usually involve the presentation of new and in-progress research. Additionally, many conferences require abstracts months before the actual presentation. As such, abstracts for conferences are often written before the research is complete. This can complicate writing an abstract for a conference presentation. As much as possible, a conference abstract should be written as though the presentation or associated paper is completed. Your intended audience is composed of individuals at a conference hoping to get an accurate idea of the ideas that will be covered during your presentation. The atmosphere at most academic conferences is generally less formal than that in the academic publishing industry, and this relaxed atmosphere can leech into your abstracts, but it is important to maintain most of the conventions of professional communication. Conference abstracts should adhere to the format guidelines set out by the organizers. In some cases, authors are given more space than should be needed for an abstract (for example, a whole page of single spaced text). Authors should only use the amount of space needed to convey the key components of a presentation. Filling up the extra space with unnecessary details will only bore the reader. Leaving that blank space provides the attendee an opportunity to write his or her own notes regarding your presentation.

Good Abstracts: Content

We have talked about the characteristics of typical abstracts, and surely writing an abstract that meets these requirements should not be difficult to write after completing a whole article on your research. But what makes a good abstract? What are the characteristics of mediocre abstracts? A good abstract seamlessly blends the elements of the associated text into a coherent and powerful paragraph. Each section contains only the most relevant information. We will now go through the different components of writing an effective abstract.

Good Abstracts: Topic/Purpose

It is important to set the stage very early in your abstract with a clear statement of your purpose. Your thesis, hypothesis or objectives should be very clear. While the abstract is usually the first component of the text read by the audience, we forget that the title is actually the reader first exposure to the text. To save some space, information clearly laid out in the title need not be repeated in the abstract. Because your abstract should focus on the findings of your research, it should not contain any outside references. You should also use this section to introduce discipline-specific terminology essential to understanding your research. This helps researchers contextualize your article, introduces the major topic and helps the search engines place your work in relevant search fields. You should avoid using too many terms here. Just focus on the main concepts explored in your article.

Good Abstracts: Methods

Aside from detailing the general methods used for you study, abstracts should bring attention to any novel techniques that you employed. Unique methods are sometimes the only reason some people will read an article. Where possible, it is important to be specific when detailing the methods used. In this example, it did not take much more space to describe the exact treatments. This gives the reader a much better indication of what actions were performed.

Good Abstracts: Results

For content related to the results, you should only present the results that directly address your thesis, hypothesis or objective statements. Like the methods section, being specific in sentences describing your results can give the reader a much better indication of the results of your study. In this example, we see how big an effect the experiment had, not just that it had an effect. The extra words are not wasted here; they contribute to a better understanding of the findings.

Good Abstracts: Writing Style

While including the right content is essential for an abstract, using an appropriate writing style will help you effectively convey that content. Effective abstracts have a clear and concise writing style. Complicated ideas must be conveyed in as few words as possible. There simply isn’t the room for long and convoluted sentences. Removing or shortening any unnecessary words or phrases is at the essence of clear and concise writing. If anything can be removed while maintaining the same meaning, then your text is probably better off.
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Essay on Too Big to Fail Problem

In a free economy, the principle of survival of the fittest is being followed. This means that companies have to be able to find a way to survive and compete in the open market. Those who thrive in a free economy are rewarded in terms of profits. Those who fail to compete are forced to shut down. This is the sad reality in a free economy where the government simply lets the businesses compete in a free market.

The government, ordinarily, does not interfere based on the principle that the government has not business meddling into the affairs of corporations. So long as the companies do not violate any existing laws the government is not supposed to interfere.

But there are certain situations where the government is forced to intervene in business affairs to prevent a ripple effect on the economy. The government is forced to protect certain businesses which are in danger of filing for bankruptcy. For example, banks play very important role in the economy. Because the business of banks is interconnected if a bank fails other banks will suffer and will be affected. The hundreds of thousands of their depositors will suffer. It also creates a chain reaction insofar as it affects its clients who may want to borrow funds from the bank for their individual business. Business organizations which rely on banks for their funds are also affected. For these reasons, the government supports major banks and protects them from filing of bankruptcy.

However, there are certain industries which do not involve banking functions but which play very important role in the economy because of their sheer size. The idea is that businesses which have become too big have become so embedded in the economy. Since it is so big other businesses also depend on them.

This is the concept of „too big to fail“ problems which highlights that there are certain businesses which are so large that they could not, and should not, fail because it could have a disastrous effect on other businesses.

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Essay on Commitment of Mentally Ill Individuals

It is beyond doubt that the government has the obligation to protect its people. As the parens patriae of its people, the government’s main function is to promote the general welfare. In the performance of its functions, the government has certain basic powers without which no government will be able to survive – police power, power of taxation and power of eminent domain.

Police power is a power that is broad in scope. It applies to anything and everything that the government can do in order to ensure the promotion of general welfare. Because of the police power, the government can pass certain legislations and statutes that limit the rights and freedom of individuals.

For example, one of the duties of the government is to protect its people against individuals who have violated the law and who are considered to be dangers to the society. In order to perform its duty, the government is given the power to arrest persons who have committed a crime and to detain them so that the society will be protected against them.

In line with the objective of ensuring the protection of the public, the government is fully authorized with its broad powers to require the commitment and confinement of persons who are mentally ill for the protection of the society. This authority extends even to situations where the individual refuses to be committed and confined to mental institutions.

This is otherwise known as involuntary confinement which is defined as „the practice of using legal means to commit a person to a mental hospital, insane asylum or psychiatric ward against the will or over the protests of that person.“

When the government uses its broad powers to confine individuals against their will, it is usually done to separate those who are mentally ill from those who are not so that they will receive treatment from institution. The goal is to help them receive proper care and treatment be referring them to institutions which have the right personnel and facilities to deal with their mental problem. It also seeks to protect individuals who are not mentally ill from the possibility of being harmed by individuals who are mentally ill.

While this authority is recognized, there are those who question the constitutionality of this action. They consider that forcing an individual to be confined and committed to a mental institution is may violate the due process rights of the individual concerned.

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Finding the Right Essay Writing Company

Essays are often required to complete certain academic levels. They usually serve as a basis where professors can measure the students‘ understanding of a specific lesson or an entire level of education. It is vital therefore that students produce quality essays to be able to make their marks as outstanding as possible.

However, there are certain factors that hinder a student from producing their own quality essays. There are reasons like inadequate writing experience, and the most common factor of time restraint. For students have still many things to attend to, they seem to lack enough time for writing.

This is where essay writing companies enter the scene. These companies provide students with quality essays according to their given specifications. However, do all these companies have enough reputation to gain our trust?

In searching for companies that offer essay writing services, it is empirical to consider various parameters. If you are a student looking for a writing service to provide you with quality essays, here are some tips that you could use.

Canvass. When you search the internet for writing companies, you will typically find an overwhelming number of such companies. To know which one you should hire, try and visit each of their sites and compare their rates, client testimonials, their essay samples, and everything that will give you an idea of which is better and which is best.

Ask around. You might not know it but maybe some of the people around you have hired writing services before. Ask around and gather their feedback from the companies they have hired. If the feedback sounds good, try considering these companies.

Peek at their policies. Take a look at the company’s site. Check their policies. Peek at their contracts. Prefer companies who offer a good customer support service and a reliable fallback in case of contract breaches. Say for example; look at what you can hold on to if they have not delivered your work on time. Will they give you back your payment? If you find the paper unfit, do they give free revisions? These are some of the things you should look at.
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Essay on Parental Responsibility Laws

Laws holding parents responsible and accountable for the damages and injuries caused by their minor children have existed since the 19th Century. It was first passed in Hawaii where the parents were the lawmakers impose civil liability to the parents of minor children regardless of their absence of criminal intent or negligent act or omission. Based on these laws, it is not necessary that the parents committed any criminal act, it is sufficient that parent-child relationship exists to establish liability.

The present laws imposing responsibility to the parents is based on the laws in Hawaii. What makes the present law different is that its scope is broader in terms of monetary amount. Moreover, the present laws have expanded parental responsibility to include acts which are not criminal in nature but nevertheless cause damage to anther – tortuous acts.

Parental Responsibility Laws are similar to the concept of vicarious liability. This is a principle in tort law that imposes liability to another for the acts of another person. For example, a company can now be held liable for discriminatory acts that take place inside the workplace if it is found that it does not have any policy that protects the employees against discrimination. School administrators can also be held liable for the acts of their students if it is found that they did not exercise reasonable care and precaution to prevent the injury caused by one of its students against another.

The intention behind the imposition of civil liability to parents is to address the injury caused by his minor child to another. If a child causes injury to another then somebody has to should the expenses incurred because of the injury. It also involves the parents in the fight against juvenile delinquency. Under the threat of civil damages, it is hoped that the parents will supervise and monitor the activities of their children better.

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The Most Common Errors in Essay Writing

While writing comes naturally for some people most everyone else has to make a conscious and concentrated effort to get the appropriate words on paper. It is not only the words, but also the formatting, spelling and grammatical errors that often plague the common student’s essay. There are a number of reasons for this; however it can be easily corrected with a little bit of time and effort. After all this essay could mean not receiving the acceptance letter desired or a failing grade. It is important to ensure that anything from a letter to a full blown research paper is correct and reads well because it is a direct reflection on yourself. This article will cover the common errors of essay writing and a few tips to help alleviate those issues.

Spelling – Not Only Spell Check

Spell check is one of the most wonderful inventions ever. It helps everyone, not only students with ensuring the words on their paper are spelled correctly. Over the years we have all learned to spell, but there are those specific words that give us trouble each and every time. Many of us have become dependent on the computer for alternate words, spelling and catching grammatical errors, but we also have to remember that the computer is not 100% error proof. By this point you fully realize that different words can have different meanings as well as alternate spellings. Though spell check is a very efficient tool there are items that it simply does not catch. This doesn’t mean that spell check leaves words incorrectly spelled; it means that the word that you intended may not be the word that is included in the paper. For example words such as there and their are commonly mistaken in the context of the sentence. The computer is logical, but is not able to apply common sense to wording.

Improper Person

Almost every student has a problem with writing in the wrong perspectives at some point or another. This is a very common problem and can be addressed with a little bit of understanding. The two most common perspectives of writing are the first and third person. The second person perspective is generally not required for most college, high school or other academic papers unless otherwise specified. In most cases the third person perspective is used when it applies to everyone and not any one person specifically. First person refers to the author or the individual writing the paper. The first person perspective is commonly seen in opinion or evaluation papers, from the writer’s point of view.

Fragments and Run On Sentences

Students commonly find themselves either with a long winded sentence or one that is not a complete idea. This is a very common problem among professional writers. Generally, individuals will either have trouble with one or the other, but in some cases both issues are a problem. Spell check will catch fragments and run on sentences for the writer to correct before turning the essay in. Run on sentences are easy to spot because they are two independent sentences sandwiched together. They can be corrected by simply adding punctuation, and therefore separating the sentences. For fragment sentences it is important to express a freestanding idea in the sentence. Below are examples of both:

RUN ON: Logan loves to color he is a talented artist. (This would sound better if it were broken down into two – it crams two complete thoughts together.)

Fragment: Such as dogs, cats and horses. (This sentence can not stand alone and make sense – what about dogs, cats and horses? What the author means is unclear.)

Not Proofreading

Proof reading is not all that fun and no one likes to do it, but it is imperative for a well written essay. As we pointed out earlier spell check does not catch every type of error that can be found in typical writing. It only takes a few minutes to read over each and every sentence ensuring that they are complete thoughts, have the correct words and make sense. Proof reading increases grades by about 10 to 20 points every single time. Most professors and teachers claim that if the students would have reread or proofed the paper before turning it in, they would have received a much better great. In many cases those extra points could mean the difference between passing and failing the entire class, or gaining entrance into a school of choice. If possible having someone else read over the paper or proof it as well can help, sometimes the author understands the concept, but the reader may not be able to understand.

The best advice in writing a good essay is to slow down and follow the guidelines to ensure a quality paper. All of the steps must be followed or it is likely that the paper will have errors and will receive a poor grade.
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Best practices in writing an Application Essay for admission to premier business schools

An Application Essay is today one of the most important criteria used by business schools in evaluating candidates seeking admission in MBA programs, not only in India but across USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Singapore and Australia/ New Zealand.

Although experts may argue that other factors such as the entrance exam score, undergraduate result, work experience, interview and references are equally important, there is a consensus that an application essay stands above all these factors. It is an ideal tool that conveys the career goals of an individual and what he/ she plans to achieve from the MBA program in context of his/ her strengths, capabilities and past experience.

However, just submitting any Application Essay is not sufficient. In order to make any meaningful impact on the readers, an Application Essay needs to be slick, well written and complete. There ought to be a purpose behind the application essay and it should not be just a play of words using flowery language.

An application essay should address the central theme of the topic and answer the questions asked. Quite often applicants either answer the questions partially, or miss the point altogether. They need to make best use of the available information and build a case that highlights the positive aspects of their academic records, work experience, awards and achievements and present the facts in a way that is convincing and differentiates them from other applicants. At the end of the day, the selection committee should be able to understand who the applicant is and what he/ she will accomplish from the MBA program based on which they can make a determination whether the applicant is the right candidate for their MBA program and can make a positive contribution to the program.

Applicants should take care that the syntax, language and grammar used in the essay is correct and meaningful. Innocuous as it might look, this aspect is mostly ignored by applicants and this result in a large number of applications getting rejected by business schools.

ISB Essays, for example, are one of a kind because essay topics in the PGP Program of Management at ISB are pertinent and determine the suitability and fitment of applicants to the MBA program. Applicants are expected to provide answers that portray not only a positive attitude but a blend of logical thinking and reasoning that is based on researched information and relevant facts. Citing examples from contemporary industry trends and practices and relating that to individual performance or abilities is certainly a plus point that works in favor of applicants as it brings out an ideal combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

ISB Essays are no doubt tough but can be cracked with practice and preparation. One needs to be focused and goal oriented when one is preparing for an MBA program and the challenge really is to word this goal orientation and preparedness appropriately in the application essay so that the candidate can make a good impression on the selection committee.
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Custom Essay Writing Service In The Internet Age

Custom essays writing services in current times provide an interesting link with the past. Now, as in previous eras, essays are used for two purposes. Individuals use them as means of organizing thoughts and teachers use them as ways to assess the academic competence of students.

The many radical ways in which the world has changed in recent times has had big effects on many institutions that were all powerful in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The newspaper industry is in turmoil. In education too nineteenth century methods like lecturing to groups that have now expanded into crowds seem strangely inappropriate.

Western education is based on the work of Socrates who walked about ancient Greece talking to small groups of students. Similar methods were employed at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge where tutors taught small groups of students, getting to know them intimately through the essays that the students wrote.

When the era of mass education began, midway through the twentieth century educationists did not adapt to changing circumstances. Huge numbers of students passed through high schools and descended on the universities and colleges facing a small corps of higher education teachers who could not possibly know all their students. Nevertheless they pretended to and stuck with the old tutorial model of teaching.

The situation has implications for the essay as an assessment tool. If a teacher knows a student well through having spoken and read many samples of his work he will be able to assess whether or not an essay represents the original work of the student. If he does not know the student well he may judge the worth of a composition but will have no means of telling whether the work was actually written by the person whose name appears on it.

A custom essay writing service cannot really avoid the question of whether its services are being dishonestly used by customers to pass off work that is not their own as original work. If students should ask, ‚write my essay for me‘ then they are simply paying money to betray their own education. However, if they buy a well written essay as an example of how such an essay should be written then they are doing exactly what academics do. They follow models but each in a unique way. In the end it boils down to yet another area of a new world that has to be defined not only technologically but also in ethical and moral terms.
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Writing an Essay For Your College Application

Students nowadays are not that serious in listening to their English courses. Oftentimes, they feel bored about the subject. However, this kind of a course really help us all to know the possible things that mind happen to us in the near future especially with the correct usage of English language, grammars and other related field of our English subject. In fact, we can even apply it in our daily lives and for the future jobs we are going to experience soon.

Though we sometimes feel bored when listening to our English subject, we should still appreciate its value especially when it comes to the world we are facing right now. It has a lot of importance especially when we are filing an application, seek for a job, negotiate with other people with our business or to any kind of profession, go on traveling, with kind of work we shall have or even in submitting reports or presentation.

Therefore, we should pay attention in learning English lessons. An example of a situation that might let you focus on this subject is when you’re going to submit a College application essay.

College application essays are becoming increasingly important for admission into a campus, particularly if you’re a transferring student from another school. Why transfer students? Having spent time at another institution, admission usually expects you to have some well-formed opinions about college in general, along with a clearer idea of what kind of major and career you’re looking to embark on.

A college admission essay is not the same as a job application. As such, refrain from listing your numerous accomplishments like a resume. Instead, make your essay a slice of your life, a snapshot of the kind of student and person that you are.
Avoid gimmicks. Stay away from creative formats. While they can work (if you’re lucky), they are hardly amusing to an employee who’s still in the office past 11PM, reviewing applications.

Be personal. Tell stories that demonstrate who you are, without being sentimental or romantic. Ones about personal accomplishments, challenges you’ve overcome or failures you’ve risen from usually work best.

Stay honest. Faced with a blank paper, it’s very tempting to embellish facts and events. Hold yourself back from doing so. Anything you write should be verifiable. Fantastic tales that no one can confirm will only arouse suspicion as to your sincerity.

Use a regular essay format. I always advice students to use a basic essay format for applications. A standard five paragraph essay should suffice, beginning with an introduction and ending with a proper conclusion. The thesis, of course, is you and why you should get in.

Check out yourself if you are not yet capable of handling this task, then, you must start studying from now on. You need to practice more in English language, speaking and writing and identifying grammatical errors if possible.

A college application essay isn’t that hard. If you stay grounded, write sensibly and use a good grammar checker, you should be fine. Show them the best parts of yourself and nail it.
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